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It's bird time

In Berlin

Time for the birds to come in

And do bird things

Bird time

making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

Not to brag

But I'm feeling like a big-shot

Thanks to the piles and piles

Of academic spam emails I receive

:Trek: Picard 

Found two drugs in :Trek: Picard

* Noranium hydride for the neutralization of a veridium tracker (may cause neurotoxic effects depending on species)
* Polisinephrine for acute attack secondary to Iromodic Syndrome, causes fatal adverse events in humans

Take-home lesson: if Dr Jurati comes at you with a hypospray, it's over for you

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Having pals is great

I just want to do a shout-out to: friendship, the concept

Non-ironically, it's pretty sweet

you've been magically whisked away to YA novel land. pick your house allegiance:

Thumbing through pages to look up something in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, first sentence under "principle of contradiction" caught my eye: "also called principle of non-contradiction, the principle that a statement and its negation cannot both be true." love that

Reminder for archives researchers 

A friendly reminder from an archivist:
1. If we ask you to wear a mask, WEAR IT.
2. Your failure to plan around your deadlines is not our problem
3. Sorry that our ability to pull things for you has slowed down. There is still a pandemic going on. There are no rush jobs or archival emergencies during a pandemic. Calm down.
4. I also know the editor of the journal you are writing for. Please stop assuming archivists don't also do their own scholarship.

Academia is like "Be interdisciplinary and collaborate!"
"Present single-authored publications as proof of your worth!"

Markov bot text 

LEETA: I think you need a very delicate procedure.
NOG: And the Nagus wants you to think, my dear. But we're supposed to go to waste.

Markov bot text 

KASIDY: Who wants to be nice and simple.
GARAK: We can't afford to be a wise decision. I'm afraid you really need to dwell on such minutiae.

Website design opinions 

If you have sign-in options on your website like "remember me"

And these come *below* the 2FA code field

This is bad web design

The HURRY-HURRY-HURRY of the 2FA app with the timer about to run down reduces the chances of me even seeing those options to ~ 0

There's a fucking railway station in Japan that has no entrances. You can visit it only by exiting train and it usage is admiring nature.

LibreOffice (+) 

There used to be a bug in LibreOffice for years such that if you saved a .docx zoomed to "fit width," it wouldn't remember that, the next time you opened it and you'd have to tell it to zoom to fit-width every time

That bug seems to be fixed now and it's a little thing but it's soooo niiiiiice

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