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you may know me from such hard-hitting political takes as "what the actual fuck" and "dear god, why?"

**WHO honours Henrietta Lacks, whose cells changed medicine**

"Cancer cells from Lacks, a Black woman, provided breakthroughs from polio to HIV, but were taken without her knowledge."

#news #bot

i bet Darth Vader has days where he just sits in his egg and watches podraces

@bgcarlisle "when I sat down to this meal I thought my biggest problem was hunger, but gentlemen, you have taught me that it is thirst"

:Trek: That essay on "Kirk Drift" again 

@bgcarlisle This is excellent!

> Canada Post reveals Christopher Plummer stamp featuring his iconic roles

But he's not on there as General Chang? 🤦‍♂️

"What is your objective for this investment portfolio?"

And "revenge" is not an option??

Welcome to fabulous Sol, capital of the United Federation of Planets and home of the Humpback Whale (they're not dead we promise!)

Idea for a name of a mid-priced wine label: "Token of appreciation"

@bgcarlisle I also really like the phrase "strong winey overtones, with just a hint of fermented grapes" but I don't remember where I got that one

"Earth is like this Public Domain planet that shows up in a bunch of unrelated media franchises"

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