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The Lojban of the Day

ni'o cabdei jbobau

Chocolate-covered coffee bean:

{cakla selckafi}

I fixed everyone else's problems today and with lots of time to—

* Checks watch *

Pharma CEO Worries Americans Will Say “Enough is Enough” and Embrace Bernie Sanders’s Single-Payer Plan #intercept #news

the older I get the more I realize that "disrupt this market" is really how white people in tech say "exploit you and your community"

The Clinton Book Tour is Largely Ignoring the Vital Role of Endless War in the 2016 Election Result #intercept #news

Everyone: Stop reading political subtext where there isn't any. Sometimes a cigar is a cigar!

~ Meanwhile in Germany ~

Angel Merkel: No you political ignoramous, you unwashed swine, you fool.

I double backward secret extra fancy reverse cross-my-heart *spitting noise* for-sure voted in FAVOUR of gay marriage by voting against it.

I wonder if the weird smell is gone or if I'm just used to it

(I usually don't follow trends, but I think this one is nice)

I'm a grad student from Hamburg (Germany) and study Systematic Musicology. This includes social, physical, psychological, medical, aesthetic and technical aspects of music. It's annoying when people ask what instrument I play, because that's like underestimating my subjects. I'm also interested into gender/queer studies and other humanities.
I also like cats, anime, diversity ...

Me on Friday: I'm going to get so ahead on all my projects this weekend and I'll be so ready for Monday! :D

My body on Friday: Lol you got a cold

Me on Monday: Welp

When academics encounter a new idea that doesn’t conform to their preconceptions, there’s often a sequence of three reactions: first dismiss, then reject, then finally declare it obvious. Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach, The Knowledge Illusion, 255


To truth, only a brief celebration of victory is allowed between two long periods during which it is condemned as paradoxical, or disparaged as trivial. - Schopenhauer, World As Will and Representation

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Hey hey mastodon users, just a friendly reminder that if you see stuf that you deem does not follow the rules of your instance, please do use the report button, so admins can take a look and keep federations an enjoyable place to explore!

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