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Me: This unfunny and rude thing that everyone does online, don't do it!!

Dudebro: * Ironically replies, doing exactly that thing *

Me: * Ironically blocks him immediately *

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Illuminating women's role in the creation of medieval manuscripts - archaeologicalnews: During the... #linguistics

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About a decade ago, Francesca Rochberg was puzzled why Mesopotamian omen lists cover situations such as the appearance of the sun at midnight. "To say certain phenomena in the omen lists are “impossible” or “absurd” because they do not occur and cannot be observed is our judgment and occurs nowhere in the ancient sources. That is to say, our definition of impossible (not in accordance with real properties) is not expressed in the texts. ..." (1/3)

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I have never missspelt anytthing. Y'all just can't keep up with my new conlang

Hello everyone! I'm currently applying to be an MA student in Japanese/Translation studies. My background is in linguistics and Japanese literature, though I'm particularly interested in translation/multilingualism in Japanese television and film. I also work professionally as a Japanese->English translator

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