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Hi, I'm Brian.

I'm a PhD Materials Scientist at MIT who works part time as a staff instructor and a consultant for various companies. I love mentoring people and helping companies turn scientific curiosities into useful devices to help the world.

I've also worked in chemicals, electrical engineering, bioengineering, physics, and mechanical engineering.

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What I like to do is to help random students, staff, and faculty with clever science ideas and I help them convert science-lingo into engineering-practice to actually get useful data. I also like helping strangers with projects, so feel free to tell me about yours!


I delete posts after 2 months.

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I also do DEI work for the School of Engineering, and as long as you're not going to come at me asking to "debate" whether DEI is a good idea I'm thrilled to hear other people's experiences at other institutions because we're constantly getting asked for new ideas and best practices.

We have little actual power, but I like to have answers when they finally do ask.

I love karate, singing/music, anarchism, meditation, making LED artwork, and environmentalism.

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Welcome to Cheese Curd Facts. New Cheese Curd Fact posted every hour.

Can you imagine if USPS Informed Delivery let you pre-emptively mark mail as junk before it arrives? And then apply your directions to future mail from the same sender? The entire junk mail industry would collapse even faster.

I continue to wonder at people who think the phrase "radical Marxist corporation" could possibly have a coherent meaning. Good to keep your temper tantrums at capitalists not doing whatever you want incoherent in order to avoid counterarguments I guess.

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uspol, family 

It's frustrating to have to explain to family in Ohio that I am unable to visit because I don't want my name on the case to strip marriage rights at the Supreme Court when some dipshit won't let us see each other if we need to go to the hospital due to "religious beliefs".

I get being blind to a lot when you're a wealthy white person living in a Cincinnati suburb, but "visitation rights at the hospital" usually at least gets the point across. =P

It is not a safe state to visit.

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I sometimes encounter really kind colleagues who say dismissive things about reading/learning disabilities.

Just stumbled upon this project, which shows how it feels to read when you have dyslexia:

What considerate and informative work!

Okay, so get this.

It is impossible for me to get the Air Canada website to process my payment if I use:

- Firefox on Linux with no security on.
- Chrome on Linux with no security features on.
- Firefox on Windows with no security features on.

But it works on Edge on Windows.

Dear god, why do they both not want anyone to buy things from them while still offering to sell things, I don't get why they would create such a silly barrier to giving them money.

Huh, usually when I get a migraine the ocular part sticks around for a little while and when it goes away I get the headache and other stuff. Today it went away for a solid hour before the vibrating worms in my vision came back, hope it doesn't last...

I hate that you can date my PhD thesis because I calibrated my instrument to atmospheric CO2.


AI renditions of glass genitals 

These are generated images representative of this weekend where my partner blew glass penises (i.e. he's a glassblower and created glass penis pendents for people). These are incredible, especially the glass people smoking out their crotch. So impressed these are at least hilarious.

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US pol, war 

The author of this post is why my household never scrambled for toilet paper or shelf-stable food over the past two and a half years. I have never known her to be wrong. She says civil war is coming. I'm heading off in an hour to tell the first of my kith, so they can start to prepare.

Boosts welcome.

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TIL that there's an app for checking "random mosaic" tamper seals that simply uses the fact that humans are really good at pattern recognition if the circumstances are right

I assume setting an autoresponder when you're on email lists that Important People [sic] send notes to is not a good move. Probably too much work to configure it to autoreply conditionally on what email list it arrived via.

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When you configure your email client to not check your work email account for two weeks.


Driving ten hours because Air Canada is the AT&T of airlines and has left my partner in Toronto for fucking 48 hours with no bags, refuses to let him get his luggage, keeps claiming he's on a rescheduled flight that they then cancel, and if they'd just said upfront that they were lying bastards we'd have gotten there yesterday to get him.

DO NOT FLY AIR CANADA, this is like the fourth time one is my partners has been trapped in Toronto for absolutely no sensible reason.

so I learned a while back that there is a type of tinnitus where you hear a pitch but it's actually *real* in the sense that an overly high Q on the hair in your ear is making it actually oscillate.

you can pick up this kind using an actual microphone near the ear because it's a real sound being produced.

I also notice that the pitch I hear goes away if I plug my ears for a bit, suggesting that an underdamped oscillator is a potentially good model.

What to do with this information though...

For multiple years after about an hour my program would suddenly start glitching (using a microsecond timer). It was always obvious it had to be an overflow issue, I just never considered it would be in the *other direction* where the issue is the variable *not* overflowing!

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