Looking for own voices, middle-grade realistic fiction graphic novels to teach. (Stuff like March is the list, ya'll).

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Politics, Teachers + School Shootings. "I got soul, but I ain't a soldier." 

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Yo, man we've literally had a billion stories about cishet folks.

More shows/movies about gay relationships, trans relationships, bi relationships, relationships that we don't even have a name for yet.

More shit that gets deep into the plethora of humans experiences we haven't even scratched the surface of yet.

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I'd love to get an email with the title

"We're only caring about your privacy so we don't get fined"

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apparently a TERF made this to mock trans people and it's actually just the best thing?

One of my students is being courted by the alt-right. I know this because they've been basically reciting the alt-right playbook in my class (such as calling trans folks diseased, women as inherently inferior breeding stock, etc.)

I've lost sleep over this.

But I'm wearing a
Pokemon trucker hat and marching my cheery ass to school because it's FIELD TRIP day, y'all, and I am a goddamn ray of sunshine.

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They're erasing Freddie Mercury's sexuality in the upcoming biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody." I'm so, so disappointed with today. 

Most decisions based around student accommodations, support, and qualifications for special education are still based off of IQ tests.

This... makes me uncomfortable.
Because we're defining intelligence as set and unchanging, that working hard is still gonna land you (at best) an average.

And kids take that shit to HEART, y'all. It's defeatist and upsetting and -

I dunno.

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Just wrote a letter to a student who didn't understand why a man who roofied a woman deserved to get the shit beaten out of him. Because, "she never actually said no."

Ohhhh god. Parenting other people's kids is hard.

On my (slam) poetry unit and bubbles: 

Teaching rich kids the realities of Chicago students is - it's a real bubble-popping moment. The homicide rates are shocking, but what really shook them was the airport-security theater required to gain access to SCHOOL.

These kids' parents wander in and out of my school so much we've just started locking doors.

(And the parents are UPSET because "it's a rich community, shootings don't happen here--")


Bubbles, man.

The most ironic thing I own: a Karl Marx piggybank with the caption: "Das Kapital."

It's going on my desk at school.

Today in education: a fist fight, a flasher (yep, that kind), and a fuckyes this is why I DO this damn job 

A student (who has turned in maybe five assignments in for the entire year) handed me a three-page essay arguing for the rights of transgender people. They had a big smile on their face and I am so goddamn proud.

(kinda ruined after the bored-child-flasher, but it's Friday, so my tolerance levels are - y'know, they're okay).

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Public education is WILD, y'all.

Somewhere in New Jersey, there's a superintendent who chose to doogie in a football field. Daily. I cannot make this shit up.


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