Just wrote a letter to a student who didn't understand why a man who roofied a woman deserved to get the shit beaten out of him. Because, "she never actually said no."

Ohhhh god. Parenting other people's kids is hard.

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@bird how old is this student? I was under the impression that you taught elementary or middle schoolers >.>

@bird wow, I guess it’s never too early to learn about how consent works then

The modern (UGH, not the right word but you know - the actual) concept of consent being taught in schools is relatively new. Sex safety is seen as more important than teaching fully informed and enthusiastic consent - or it doesn't exist in the curriculum, or the teacher themselves has no idea what it is.

It's. Kinda scary. Because then kids pick it up from their parents or from the media, neither of which are consistently reliable sources.

@bird I understand the issue of consent violation, and it's good that you brought it to their attention, but the matter of that he deserved to get beaten up is quite up for debate.

Did you really tell a student that the guy deserved to be beaten? Sounds like you stepped over a moral line as an authority figure.

Nonono - I typed that incorrectly. I said that the man didn't deserve vigilante justice, but he DID commit a crime. The correct response in that situation would've been to call the police since drugging anyone is second degree assault and a class B felony.

The kid's indignation came from women assaulting the man - which is understandable. Where I came in was when he tried to justify the man's roofie as a non-criminal offense. :)

(all'a that didn't fit into masto i think?)

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