Looking for own voices, middle-grade realistic fiction graphic novels to teach. (Stuff like March is the list, ya'll).

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Politics, Teachers + School Shootings. "I got soul, but I ain't a soldier." 

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Yo, man we've literally had a billion stories about cishet folks.

More shows/movies about gay relationships, trans relationships, bi relationships, relationships that we don't even have a name for yet.

More shit that gets deep into the plethora of humans experiences we haven't even scratched the surface of yet.

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I'd love to get an email with the title

"We're only caring about your privacy so we don't get fined"

@anarchosaurus Appreciate the gratitude, fellow citizen. :) The kids are honestly alright.


I've never met a psychologist who thought it was a sane method. Or a teacher who gave a damn satisfied with it. I get WHY states do it - saves them a shitload of money by skimming the pool of ppl-needin-assistance - but it's not fucking okay. Districts are required to create programs to service kids who need those services if those services don't already exist (like ELL support, etc.). S'why kids of the same "type" are funneled into the same schools.

@Holly Teaching is mostly acting like a sane, stable, calm adult who loves everyone all the time.

But yeah. Seeing kids parrot their parents' justifications of why SOME people don't deserve respect is hard to loosen. I do use empathy, bc it's a powerful fuckin human capacity. I let those people speak for themselves through art and poetry and film. THEN I MAKE 'EM ANALYZE IT AHAHAHA.

... dunno if it works.

@secstate @trevdev (I'm blowing up y'all's toots i'm sorry i'm so LATE)

YES YOU ARE ALSO CORRECT. In districts where your admin is milquetoast, your job is at risk (without tenure) if you go against a really adamant family's beliefs. That hasn't happened to me yet - although I've gotten in trouble for not portraying Mao Zedong as a baby-eating bloodsoaked tyrant by some asshole lawyer dad but like DUDE READ HISTORY PPL LOVED HIM FOR A REASON AT FIRST SHEESH - but it could.


@trevdev @secstate He's about 12.

And I try to! Not sure about the success rate, but I made my kids watch slam poetry about surviving society's cruelties last week and they CRIED.

I can't tell people what to think - nor should I. But I CAN show them consequences to possible actions they may take and make 'em reflect on how it feels.


@secstate Well another student tried to write an essay about how there are only 2 genders and my only stipulation was you needed demonstrable, citable sources to back up what you say.

He couldn't do it. :>

I think restorative justice and education on empathy is more powerful than a hard-tack wall. (Although hate speech equals a frogmarch straight to the principals because I don't PLAY that shit).

@anarchosaurus Nope. It's a middle school, 6th grader (around 12 years old).

It comes from.. right wing nut-job highschooler friend. According to his parents (who are milquetoast tbh, but very polite milquetoast).

THOUGHT POLICE, my gosh. Had a teacher come to me once expressing distaste and kinda fear about a kid's writing - and it was dark stuff, no mistake, but they had some shit going on in their life and expressed it in a healthier way than NOT expressing it.

(white older lady teacher and an African American male student, for context ahaa)

Like, negative emotions = bad person?? WhAT??

@afterthehyphen PREACH IT, FRIEND.

This kid I have _needs_ support and to ensure they get it you must create a legal document to force all staff and teachers to comply.

Kicker is, the state I'm in qualifies sped as the "disparity" btwn intelligence and academics. You could be the smartest mofo on the planet, but if you've got failing grades, you qualify for sped. If you're "below av" intelligence and getting D's, you don't qualify even tho you NEED SUPPORT.

This why we all alcoholics.

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apparently a TERF made this to mock trans people and it's actually just the best thing?

One of my students is being courted by the alt-right. I know this because they've been basically reciting the alt-right playbook in my class (such as calling trans folks diseased, women as inherently inferior breeding stock, etc.)

I've lost sleep over this.

But I'm wearing a
Pokemon trucker hat and marching my cheery ass to school because it's FIELD TRIP day, y'all, and I am a goddamn ray of sunshine.

They're erasing Freddie Mercury's sexuality in the upcoming biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody." I'm so, so disappointed with today. 

@Egg apparently it's from the direction of the living band members who wanna focus on how the band survived Freddie's death.


Also something about making it family friendly and omitting Freddie's "degenerate" lifestyle.

Fuck y'all. You cannot censor a God.

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They're erasing Freddie Mercury's sexuality in the upcoming biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody." I'm so, so disappointed with today. 

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