Another post for those that care about tech for teaching. My small setup for using my laptop and iPad while teaching (without swaping inputs), while recording locally, and streaming/recording on Teams

For those who care about such things, I did two tech posts on my blog. Perhaps they'll help someone.

1) on how to create a streaming (and/or recording) setup with 2 or more computers (1 is the streaming computer)

2) on how to create a simple and effective setup for teaching live while also streaming and recording

COVID US higher ed 

Hope everyone is staying safe; here in Georgia (USA) it’s no masks or vaccines or social distancing requires on campus. And we’re required to be in class teaching.

How time flies; the last year has been crazy, perhaps it's time to be social again.

I think I may spend more time here for a while. Need some like minded social hive to chat with.

Stop Talking about the College Experience

Many people assume College is about more than education. We need to make discussing these things ok, instead of taboo.

I've been using a Jabra Speak 510 speakerphone for meetings for years, because I hate wearing headphones. But lately I've been running my audio through my PC and RTX Voice, and it's so nice that I find myself wearing headphones again ... sigh.

Just a Happy Tyrell Employee

Every evil megacorp had legions of employees "just doing their job"

Visual Studio Liveshare for Remote Office Hours

Visual Studio Liveshare does exactly what I need for remote office hours: lets students share a VS Code session with me.

This should have been posted from here on my blog: end of an era for me at Mozilla, will post a longer reflection in a bit

How had I not known that I could use Audio MIDI Setup utility on MacOS to configure collections of speakers to send to at the same time?  Key need for streaming from Mac via my streaming PC!

New information about climate change and the link to CO2 emissions means it's more important than ever to act NOW!

American Universities and COVID: Its All about Money

Why are colleges re-opening despite the risks? It's not surprising ...

I've "made strong arguments" in favor on getting an Intel mac this fall and not risking "gen1" arm macs ... but now I find myself not needing to upgrade, and see a gen1 arm mac as a possibility ... hmmm

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