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You know that you’re doing the work at home thing wrong when you find yourself thinking “now that all my video meetings are done for the day, I can finally shower and get out of my PJs” … or, perhaps I’m doing it right? I dunno.

Time for lunch, either way.

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Mirrorworld Bill of Rights?: Some thoughts on Paul Hoover's posting about a Mirrorworld Bill of Rights, laying down the rights people should have when AR becomes pervasive.

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I now have 3 monitors and four computers on my downstairs gaming+VR setup. So many-much glowing screens!

Got the Vive set up again, finally tried Audica. Love it!

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An excessive, but fun, evening of Overwatch. Hooked up with a team that was clicking, up over 200 SR for the evening on my really old stuck-in-bronze account .... within a few games of escape... (“must not get hopes up, must not get hopes up”)

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Courtesy Wired on Twitter:

Mozilla, the nonprofit behind the popular Firefox browser, has a finely tuned privacy appraisal of not just toys but dozens of popular holiday gifts—some of which may not rate much better than coal.

Starting a review of a paper and realized I am Reviewer #2 in the review system.

Well, that really changes everything, doesn’t it?

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Hi, I'm a professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. My research is in AR/VR (XR), and mostly focuses on experiences, social, HCI and tools. I have work on web-based AR for years, which is how I find myself on an extended leave at Mozilla, working as a Principal Research Scientist on WebXR, all-things-AR and projects like hubs and Firefox Reality.

I mostly use @blair (because, why be in the fediverse if you don't have your own node?)

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Nothing quite captures the essence of "professor" like someone who refuses to use the shared departmental calendar to facilitate efficient scheduling, preferring instead to waste their (and everyone elses) time with endless doodles and whenisgoods because "their schedule is to complicated to put in a calendar" and "I don't want someone else scheduling meetings for me." 😂

(spoken as a prof on extended leave at a calendar-functional place)

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Firefox Reality (our browser for standalone VR headsets) launches today. And I’m flying home with an open seat next to me.

Two great things!

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A thing I’ve been working on lately: how to expose camera video via #WebXR to do #ComputerVision in-browser, coordinated with platform sensing. Here’s #WASM #OpenCV in a WebWorker, tracking markers at lower than rendering frame rate, with poses sync’d back to ARKit anchors

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