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What a Difference a Trackpad Makes

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard finally makes the iPad almost-useful as a general purpose computing device.

More Access for Some, Less for Others

When speaking at an event requires less time, the famous can take more speaking opportunities, giving less access to the stage to others.

Looking at my lack of writing over the past months, I admit that the state of the nation and world are most on my mind when I'm away from work, and so its been hard to get excited at the idea of writing about tech or games ... need to get back to it

I realized this morning that I haven't even thought about personal blogging in quite a while; my last post was 3 months ago (ignoring these microposts).  On wednesday, that will be "Q2 done, no blogging."

Today would have been high school graduation for my daughter, followed by a @BTS_twt concert at @georgiatech stadium. Instead we did a graduation in the front yard and are watching concerts online … not what we expected, but we’re safe and healthy, so thankful.

While I am generally unenthusiastic about HUDs like Google Glass, right now I'd love a HUD that mirrored my iPhone that I could interact with hands-free. For when I'm out and about in a world.

Chilling before the start of the workshop (see … excited to be giving the opening talk to such a great group of folks!

Transformer blew nearby …. power went out … but not here!

Trying out the VR exercise app @GetSuperNatural on the Quest. Nice first round. 20 mins, got the heart rate up and feeling a nice burn in the arms/shoulders and quads. (Shame the Quest loses track of controllers sometimes)

My 100 pound dog does not come back when she escapes. Invariably this is the end game, and it happened twice today. TWICE.

Interesting article, but feels misguided in all kinds of ways.

Fortnite and the Metaverse: Why Epic Games may build the next version of the Internet - The Washington Post

Forget Video Conferencing—Host Your Next Meeting in VR: "Recent advances have made VR the superior technology for conferences and meetings, some experts claim" (IEEE Spectrum)

Wish I was more sophisticated with CSS. I’m using a version of the Nurui theme on my blog, want to replace the “featured” slider (siema) with one where the panels sliding are more obviously “links”, perhaps based on the small squares that are used on the blog page.

My home office Mac when I sat down this morning after being away for the weekend. unfortunate (for non-mac folk, that’s the “no bootable disc” startup logo). (rebooting with cmd-option-p-r cleared it, thankfully) (apparently I need to clear my screen too)

Universities (Princeton in this case) finally banning professors from dating grad students. What took so long? (they exempt current relationships, because “why?”; wonder how many profs-married-to-former-students voted for this?)

Back at Blizzard Area, ready for day 2 of our @overwatchLeague trip

Excellent. So tired of people reclining into my laptop on daytime domestic flights. Sleep at home.

Delta Air Lines is eliminating one of the most annoying things about flying - Fast Company

Setting up a Dual-PC Streaming Rig: I played around with setting up a second PC as a dedicated capture/streaming box over the last few weekends, using a spare PC I had laying about as the streaming PC. I learned a few things along the way, which others might find useful, so I thought I...

You know that you’re doing the work at home thing wrong when you find yourself thinking “now that all my video meetings are done for the day, I can finally shower and get out of my PJs” … or, perhaps I’m doing it right? I dunno.

Time for lunch, either way.

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