self-hosted Wordpress creepy 

@ljwrites @mplouffe @shi well, now I have a complaint number with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. The next steps will be tedious but our Protection of Privacy Act has teeth And I still think that scraping any file a random IP address tells you to scrape and keeping it as long as you feel like is creepy.

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survey for female academics and administrators 

From Dr. Erica R. Hamilton c/o Dr. Janice Liedl: Are you a full-time female academic, working in higher education as faculty or administrator? Plz complete this survey about your experiences working in the COVID19 pandemic.

Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

annoyances with WYSIWYG copy-paste 

Poll is over! 13 votes for saving format when paste text into a different app is "aborrent" or "accursed," "6 votes for "good idea badly implemented." 0 votes for "I like it."

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Hi and the wider Fedi, are you a legal scholar or attorney that has informed takes on Clarence Thomas' expressed views on substantive due process (or do you know someone that does)? If so, I would very much like to interview you (or them) for an upcoming episode of my podcast.

If you're in the Seattle area (for an in-person conversation) that's better, but remote works as well.

technically my talk in the panel is likely to be an hour later if nobody drops out or has tech trouble

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I am speaking online at the International Ancient Warfare Conference in 15 minutes (10.45 South Dakota time)

In 2022 I have more inboxes to follow than I had unread messages i 2000.

I did a thread over on the other website about how licensed, digital distribution is screwing up library missions. Then I turned it into a blog post, for folks who aren't on that other website, and I'm kinda proud of it:

annoyances with WYSIWYG copy-paste 

Copy-paste which preserves formatting from a different program's What you See is What you Get environment

Is there a Masto instance specifically for indie game creators? Like a social branch of itch?

Different take on today: What's the coolest event or program you've been to at an art/science museum?

Are you itching to share your research with an interdisciplinary crew of lovely & attentive folks?

Well submit an abstract to now! We're accepting abstracts until July 1st (which is fast approaching!).

Visit us here for more info!:

Economists and quant soc scientists making statistical claims: "The literacy rate in Serica is 83.7%"
Historians making statistical claims: "In the 1970 census, the city of Five Forks in East Ruritania reported a literacy rate of 73%. However, the highly literate valley district had a low rate of returns ... Because the censor's wife had been implicated in the Currywurst Scandal of 1968, he was under pressure to report high figures ... " 1/n

LOTR, Neo-Babylonians 

Istari wizard or Nabonidus king of Babylon?
- wears a pointy hat and a long robe
- carries a staff
- goes on research dives in the palace archives
- disappears into distant lands and thought to be lost
- returns neither late not early but precisely on time
- betrayed by trusted allies who have received mysterious messages from distant powers

naval blockades, Putin's war 

When was the last time a power other than the US or UK successfully blockaded exports by sea from a significant trading country?

puns, tabletop rpgs 

Over on exilian, they are posting one campaign theme based on a pun per week (could also inspire fiction?)

I am speaking about ancient spears at the online International Ancient Warfare Conference on Saturday, the Zoom is open to the public and I may share my talk later @JubalBarca @eleanorkonik

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