proofreading my bibliography 

whimsy, present day 

ancient curses 

security, privacy, present day 

numbers in stories about ancient armies 


snakes, stereotypes 

statistics about my book manuscript 

patreon~, current events 

necromancy, Assyriology 

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necromancy, Assyriology 

15th century astrology 

historical fencing and living history 

something good patreon did 

what is a martial art? 

Jeremy Bentham has a new home!

Also, I had no idea we had a Japanese garden. I may have to go exploring when there are fewer students around.

a correction on lists of empires 

decisions about which non-academic writng to mention 

It's 2020 (24 - 28 February). Fair dealing copyright exception enables people to use copyrighted works for certain purposes (like research or educational use) w/o requiring special permission from the copyright holder. Find out more --

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