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"I want to be in a place," the Major thought suddenly, passionately, "where the truth makes a difference." Theodore Sturgeon, "Extrapolation" (1953)

I've read and really enjoyed #NonPlayerCharacter by Veo Corva! :artaww:

Can anyone recommend me other fantasy (or sci-fi) books with non-binary and/or trans characters in the main chast? (Or by non-binary and/or trans authors?)

(I've already read and love To Be Taught If Fortunate by Betty Chambers which fits this description as well.)

travel logistics in COVID time 

I read in the news that some people are still travelling to places where they don't have a friendly home at both ends? How on earth are they doing it and managing COVID safety?

Normally when you travel you eat in restaurants and breakfast rooms and cafes but that is not wise in COVID times. Hotels don't always separate the air between rooms either. Are there easy ways to find hotels with good ventilation and air filters in the breakfast room?

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

frustrations of 2020s Internet 

I got locked out of an account because it insisted on verifying my login by SMS (no other option) and if it has a phone number that number is no longer active (who needs a cell phone in COVID time?)

There seem to be no alternative ways to log in and I never consented to two-factor authentification by SMS

ru-ua war 

*Xenophon* could have designed a military administration which turned a given defense budget into more combat power (if he had, he would have disappeared sometime this spring and launched a new career somewhere far away- he never went down with someone else's ship)

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ru-ua war 

I can not emphasize enough that the Putinists are making errors which any intelligent aristocrat or official from the ancient or medieval world could spot and list solutions to. Its not just that they are failing to be a 21st century state, they are failing to be an 18th century state. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have died because of their ignorant stupidity, and the Russians have lost the war because of it (although it will be mths before Putin realizes he has lost).

So, boosts would be nice:

Do you know how you would start researching a weird topic? —

What I want to look into is the relevant history of the occult/magical in the territory that’s modern Italy, and their intersection with pagan/non-Christian religious practices, including folklore, over time (as relevant, but I’m interested how they shifted after Catholicism and into modern times).

looking to find and connect with other folks interested in "low tech" 

looking to find and connect with other folks interested in "low tech", appropriate technology, and the like! please reach out if you want to chat/collab - I have an ongoing interest in this space and want to meet and learn from people!

I wrote up some thoughts on how to use creative play with the medieval to make it harder for fascists to claim medieval symbolism into a proper little article for @ExilianOfficial.

Would love to hear your thoughts:

Ru-ua war 

I think Putin gets his model of ww ii not from the Soviet historiography or post-1991 historiography but from Manstein, Guiderian, von Bock and co. (Ie. "endless Soviet hordes") We should put up a 50 foot statue of them in Moscow after Ukraine wins.

I know WordPress can add some sort of forum features- I'd much rather have the whole thing on WordPress than deal with cross-site authentication somehow. But, I haven't done a forum on WordPress before, so I'm very open to feedback! If you've tried it and think WordPress-based forums are terrible, I'm interested in your experience!

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the art of memory 

We have all noticed that journalists and the chattering class have trouble remembering events in their field of interest a few years ago. C. Osborne of has a theory why

"I want to be in a place," the Major thought suddenly, passionately, "where the truth makes a difference." Theodore Sturgeon, "Extrapolation" (1953)

The latest ISAW/NYU exhibition (Ritual and Memory: The Ancient Balkans and Beyond) opened to the public today. We also rolled out all the web components, including a media-rich "digital complement" and illustrated checklist of objects. Access here:

Attic red figure vase, combat 

What appears to be the same vase (but more damaged) appeared in the Met in 1980 It has no provenance whatsoever (not even "bought at ShadyAuctionHouse auction #123 on 12 January 1980") so ymmv

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Attic red figure vase, combat 

One of my strategies to get good images of vase paintings in museums without generous image licenses is to reprint public-domain drawings of them. This is the so-called Brygos cup in Oxford c/o Gerhard's "Auserlesene Greichische Vasenbilder" from 1847

I have a suspicion of what my problem is. I THINK I need a break from Kidlit (YA and probably MG). What are grown-up books I should start reading? Like, a friend on here gifted me a copy of Legends & Lattes and I plan to read that soon, but what else. Preferably stuff I can get from my library if I lack it (so in short: keep in mind what series are hot right now and if I have to wait two years to read it via library lol)

I read SFF, contemporary, historical, romance, literary, etc

Boost ok

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We just published the notification that ISAW/NYU's fall exhibition "Ritual and Memory: The Ancient Balkans and Beyond (presented by The First Kings of Europe Project)" opens to the public tomorrow, September 21, 2022:

It will run through February 19, 2023. The full online component of the exhibition, including images of all objects displayed, will be published soon (I'll announce that too).

Shield making 

Glued the rawhide to the front of the shield (wrapped over onto the back side). Will the 'pringle' shape bent to the front smooth out as the pressure on front and back equalizes? Its resting with a weight on the convex side.

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