Recs plz! Podcast sub services/software 

Does anyone have any suggestions for good Windows/web-based Podcast subscription services?

I used to use iTunes for all my podcast needs, but since moving to a Windows machine I've found it more difficult to use/get into. I'd love to have something that could manage podcast subscriptions and keep track of what I've listened to and such.

recent books on ancient warfare 

Cross-Post: books on ancient warfare for a general audience, 2005-2020, as recommended by strangers on the Internet

Romans, pirates 

Left over from a few days ago: Civis Romanus sum, sto in puppe navis longae et cingor gladio. Hoc mare nostrum est. Da nobis tributum argenti, nauta! (City of God, 4.iv)

A reminder that this year is not an anomaly and things won't suddenly get better next year. There is no going back to "normal" and things are only going to get worse until we fix the ongoing climate crisis.

Update: I have been informed that its a hurtful ethnic stereotype to suggest that all Ionians are pirates. But if they don't want to be called pirates they should stop raiding Phoenicia!

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“For security reasons, we try to change our Prime Minister every six months, and to never use the same Prime Minister on multiple websites.”


Wow ... Patreon just borrowed another USD $90 million against equity. I do not understand their business model at all but they sure seem to be in a spiral of borrowing money to pay the interest on the last money they borrowed and splashing it around to look like they are doing something with it.

Research you can help with! 

I would like everyone to help
make a "body of searchable syllabi"
do you have syllabi ?

do people at your institution have access to syllabi ?

I want their syllabi !

I would like to create a project, community driven, that allows students, professors, the public, and administrators to have a searchable repository of the things that would be included in a course, a degree, to give the "catalog" of courses more depth.

Please boost if u can !

Fellow #Privacy lovers on the Fedi: what do you think about, and have you installed, your country's COVID-tracing app?
I've just received an SMS asking me to install one. Not mandatory, for now.
The privacy policy isn't so bad. It tracks your location to let you know if you've passed someone who later reported themselves as infected. Supposedly doesn't share it with anyone.
Keeping Bluetooth and location on all the time goes against my values. But so does not keeping others safe.

colleagues' academic career + 

The proceedings of a 2016 conference on Greek and Roman military manuals has just been published, I have a report from the conference (my paper is not in it, I am focusing on journals at this stage of my career)

social media criticism 

Lots of corporate social media have positive feedback loops built in don't they? Whether twitter's "trending topics" (show people more of what other people are seeing) or YouTube directing people to more extreme videos and Facebook directing them to crazier groups.

alternatives to a bigoted proberb about ingroups 

I'd love to have an anecdote which makes the wise point it is making about expanding and contracting ingroups but not the foolish point it is making about one kind of person being more treacherous than another

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alternatives to a bigoted proberb about ingroups 

So the joke which ends "we're surrounded? who is this we, white man?" is racist. It also has some wisdom about the maleability of ingroups and inclusive versus exclusive we. Does anyone know of a version with the wisdom but not the trope of the Treacherous Savage?

PhD contraception in the humanities 

Someone in the states is beating the drum about PhD contraception ("stop training four people for every job and pay and work conditions will stop getting worse"), but this time in the humanities

vlog, Iran 

Prolific ancient historian and Iranologist Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones’ latest venture onto the Internet is a vlog on ancient Iran called Persika: Persian Things. If you don't mind YouTube, check it out!

pandemic, USA 

Independent journalist Violet Blue now has a weekly pandemic roundup on Patreon

consent culture and its lack 

I hate being reminded that Anglo culture is so anti-consensual! But if defining your boundaries summons an unexpected reaction, that reaction probably saved you from worse later.

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