hunting Nazis in Canada 

The blog Anti-Racist Canada, which tracked the far-right in Canada from a small prairie town, shut down due to burnout and the host being doxed They give a list of birdsite handles to follow this topic in the future because of course they do ... despite saying in an interview that "Social media has done an incredible amount of damage to society"

Our ancestors looked at the stars, found patterns, and told stories. It's what people do.
But stars move. Now the Power constellation looks nothing like the glyph. But use this star instead of that, and it looks like the Hope glyph.
We can tell new stories. It's what people do.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

website usability 

Is the contact information on my site hard to find? Every few years someone sends a social media DM or makes a comment instead of emailing me.

Hi, um,

I'd really like to do more guest posts and things this year. 😅

If you're an author, blogger, podcaster, or someone who would like to host a queer autistic fantasy author for a guest post, interview, or similar, please message me!

Is there any evidence that hellsite shadow bans posts that mention masto/fedi? Nothing I tweet exactly goes viral but I get a little trickle of likes & retweets that suggest that people at least see things I say. Yet whenever I mention mastodon it's just crickets.

It's very possible that people just aren't interested in that, but I'd like to know if others have a similar experience.

Hey masto friends, I want to leave Google Drive , anyone knows a safe equivalent platform ? Especially for NSFW content.


The World That Twitter Made 

(via @bookandswordblog --thanks)

"Twitter is an undifferentiated mass of writhing souls trying to inflict their angry opinions on the earth."

So where does this leave the Fediverse? 🤔

"[...] because in this discourse environment, good faith engagement is actually maladaptive."

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be part of any environment where good faith engagement is maladaptive.

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orwellian language, great power games 

"Security" and "defense" are two words that don't mean what they seem to mean. I just read an article by a smart but not educated journalist with the phrase "one current cybersecurity defense contractor who specializes in offense" ...

the original antifascists, hardcore smiling 

it was fortunate for the rest of the world that Nazis liked taking photos of all their best crimes like the summary execution of the Five Men of Velizh (eventually their officers had to issue an order against it because those mean Untermenschen were publishing them)

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the original antifascists, hardcore smiling 

The Nazi-Soviet war was an unspeakably dark thing, but a few moments of joy survive like this photo from a propaganda film c/o

Survey about Neurodiversity and Online Communities :BoostOkay: 

I will be analyzing the responses soon and will probably shut down the survey once I get into that, so if you've been meaning to take it, you probably want to do that soon!

I really appreciate everyone who's responded so far. I've read through some of them and y'all have shared some really cool thoughts and experiences

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books as plague bearers, please boost 

Do any of you live in places where all the shops are open but librarians are quarantining books / not accepting donations / not letting the public in to the building? It feels like another case where the people who run institutions don't believe in their missions but are just going through the forms.

fediverse moderation question 

hey, is there an instance out there that has written guidelines/expectations/conduct specifically for their mod team? i've skimmed a handful of instances but i've mostly only seen what users can expect to see for mod actions, if anything at all.

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politics, fediverse moderation 

Might be a good idea to keep an eye out for the next few weeks. Trump and a bunch of other hard right media figures are getting banned from Twitter and Facebook. Parler and Gab are getting booted from Google Play and likely the App Store, too. That's going to shake out a lot of fashies. They'll be looking for new digital spaces where they can recruit and coordinate, and some of them may land on fediverse servers. Keep your guard up.

medieval England, political violence 

700 years ago, Edward of England and his parliament knew what to do about people coming armed to parliaments and councils to impede their business and make alarm

media literacy, Sumerian godesses 

Nisaba help us, a site on information literacy that is all about not being fooled by 'timeline style' atomized messages For what its worth, many of the less academic young people I knew in Tirol actively shut out news and politics and birdside from their web/social media consumption.

There are a few days left to enter our winter creative competition, on the theme "Aurora". Give any creative response to the theme and there are prizes including two great indie computer games!

Mostly though we'd just really like to see what you've got to enter - be it a sketch, poem, painting, recipe, tune, you name it!

#CreativeToots #MastoArt #poetry #writing

teaching, university 

Tell yourself it again, fellow university professors: we're weird. Students are normal. That's ok.

Stop using WhatsApp (and Facebook). A mandatory privacy policy update notes that user data will be shared with Facebook.

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