Greyhound Canada is shutting down 

Since I do not drive and most of Canada is no longer served by passenger trains or intercity buses, this is a serious concern.

Is there a peertube instance that isn't full of antivax, anti-science, racist nonsense? I'm genuinely interested to know.

getting people to cite sources 

checking sources before you retell something also reduces the risk that your memory is not exactly what the original says, and to get the precise citation you have to check the source

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getting people to cite sources 

Its like they did not understand that the precise reference is 1) evidence they actually read the material they are pontificating about, and 2) makes it practical for me to verify (because even if one source is a bit different from their retelling, they could declare that they really meant another). Journalists also have trouble understanding that one purpose of citing sources is that people can check their claims against them.

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getting people to cite sources 

Does anyone else have trouble getting people to cite verifiable sources for claims (even sources which they are claiming to have read)? I had a weird experience in a RPG space where I asked people to back their claims about different versions of a setting with page references (because I thought people were citing headcannon) and they just repeated their assertion of what they remembered it said from reading it ten years ago.

dear fediverse, are there any ecology or solarpunk or nature documentary oriented peertube instances that would make sense to host recordings of a mycology reading group?

Interested in digital methods to teach classics and the humanities? Come tomorrow at the presentation of my book "Metodi digitali per l'insegnamento classico e umanistico" (Milano: EDUCatt 2020), in Italian. May 11 2021, 16:30 CET

Just 15 days until a little something I wrote is officially released!

You can get a discount if you pre-order from publisher before release using "POSTERS30" code.

screenshotting and quote mining in the 1970s 

Robert Temple of "The Sirius Mystery" sent a manuscript to Isaac Asimov and then a flurry of letters asking for feedback. Asimov eventually replied with a note about how he had not had time to read the MS and could not point to any particular mistakes.

Temple's publishers: "I cannot name any errors in this book" - emminent sci fi author Isaac Asimov

ancient astronauts in SF 

Here is the link for my Zoom presentation on 8 May "Ancient Astronauts Built the Science Fiction of Egypt"

Any tips on shortening a thesis for journal publication? What do I do with the lengthy literature review?

Umfrage über Hochschulangehörige im Fediverse / Poll about university members in the fediverse

Bitte im ganzen Fediverse verbreiten! / Please spread in the whole Fediverse!

Erweiterte Umfrage / extended poll:

Ich bin Hochschulangehörige*r und nutze... / I'm a university member and using...

I've been gone forever, but I have a new request. Does anyone have access to Mythos Wehrmacht: Nachkriegsdebatten und Traditionspflege by Detlef Bald, Johannes Klotz, and Wolfram Wette ? I really just need the table of contents and don't want to buy the whole book for that. Feel free to boost if you know academics in Germany, or German speaking academics.

this has been asked numerous times but what's the best way to run a website in 2021 that is
1. low cost
2. mutual aid friendly
3. easy to maintain and manage by a non-technical user

please boost :boost_ok:

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