burial archaeology 

Now this is cool! The Angles or Saxon or foederati at 5th-7th century CE West Heslerton in Yorkshire built their cemetery around some Neolithic and Early Bronze Age henges and barrows landscaperesearchcentre.org/AA @vicorva @ExilianOfficial

Somebody did a science. And I think all of you should see.

Does anybody know a Fediverse instance dedicated to teachers? In scholar.social I have found some, but maybe there is one dedicated to them only, without researchers on the mix ;)

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on the naming of trees 

oh, and the yellow cedar which grows around the Salish Sea and up to Alaska is a species of cypress (*Cupressus nootkatensis*)

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on the naming of trees 

As I research materials for spearstaves, I am reminded that folk names for trees are weird even within one language. "Cornel cherry" (cornus mas) is what we call a dogwood and not the same family as the stone fruit trees (prunus), and the British call tilia the "lime tree" even though its not related to citrus fruit trees. And don't get me started on how North American poplar is a different genus than European poplar!

There's just over a week left to enter our Winter Sunset creative competition, judged by conservatore Jenny Mathiasson and writer @vicorva!

Just send in any creative response to the "winter sunset" theme for the chance to win two great indie games and a song written just for you!


#creativetoots #writing #gamedev #poetry #art

(Tooted w. permission, boosts are much appreciated!)


Rebecca (@RSmith_Psych@Twitter.com) is looking for people to take part in her new experiment "Conversations: Emotion in Motion"!

More info can be found in this poster!💃

If you're in the UK, have NO previous dance experience, and want to take part go here to sign up: ⁨


female nudes in Greek and Near Eastern Art 

Both ancient Greek and Near Eastern art have lots of nudity, but Greek artists tend to give women smooth featureless crotches, while Near Eastern artists show that women have public hair and vulvas. What happened when Near Eastern artists saw the prudish Greek tradition? A great answer is in "The Hellenization of Ishtar: Nudity, Fetishism, and the Production of Cultural Differentiation in Ancient Art" by Zainab Bahrani jstor.org/stable/1360725

Laurentian university scandal 

They also have plenty of money for lawyers to fight the provincial government and faculty union's demands to see how they got into this financial mess

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Laurentian university scandal 

Oh wow: after massive layoffs and quitting, Laurentian university in Ontario is hiring seven new administrators and no new faculty or sessional instructors laurentian.ca/careers/administ laurentian.ca/careers/faculty-

nudity in ancient Greek art 

A lot of things changed in Greece in the 50 years before Xerxes invaded. One of them was how male nudity is used in art ancientworldmagazine.com/artic

female philosophers in early Greece 

I'm still intrigued by the reviewer who argued that Hypatia of Alexandria could study math *because* she was a woman so did not have to study the things which lead to a public office bookandsword.com/2017/10/05/cr

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I just stumbled over one of the things which reminded me that not everywhere in the Greek world worked like Athens: Arete of Cyrene, the second teacher in the Cyrenean school of philosophy (her father passed over his two sons to declare her the heir to his school) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arete_of

star trek, edged weapons analysis 

Canadian vlogger Skallagrim talks about the bat'leth, the historical weapons which inspired it, and what such a weapon would be good for youtube.com/watch?v=qrIv9EORYQ

Static electricity in cats!
attrito namque leuiter, & conuersim pilo scintillæ, ex felium cute micant, quæ animalis huius viuacitatem demonstrant;

For when the fur [of cats] is rubbed gently and conversely, sparks gleam from the skin of cats which demonstrate the liveliness of this animal" (Ismael Boulliau, On the Nature of Light [de natura lucis], from the section "Response to the oppositions of Thomas Giannini of Ferrari", 1637)

Soliciting advice - fear of flying 

Anxiety around flying, I have it

Couple of people have advised going to my GP but i don't want to take up an appointment space just for this...

Anyone had any resources, things that worked for them, people to talk to etc??

economists on world history 

But Delong is stuck on stasis or continual exponential growth (not the cycles of growth and shrinkage we see in the historical and archaeological record). bookandsword.com/2015/09/05/ec 3/n

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economists on world history 

In the year 1 there were the Classic Maya, the New World was not a land of roaming hunters. Rice cultivation and Buddhism had spread into Southeast Asia. We have no sources for world population before the 19th century, but I think I would guess more like 300 million in the year 1 (China + SEA + India + Roman empire + everywhere else each at ~60m from the Roman and Han censuses- and there are people who would place the Roman empire at ~100m). 2/n

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