Four years after I got sufficiently frustrated with a silly theory about ancient armour to write about it on the Internet, my journal article explaining what is wrong with it is almost done! Turning rage into art is not a bad strategy.

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What are some good ways to back up a device onto a device in the same room (not a network of servers in other countries belonging to a corporation)? Searching just gives me sponsored content for various apps

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We need articles! If you'd be willing to volunteer to write an article on any aspect of creativity, geekery, writing, or inspiration from science/history/etc, please do get in touch. We can only take writers on a volunteer basis, but we do provide editing & writing feedback & you're welcome to plug projects/patreons at the end of an article.

Please get in touch if you'd be interested or have ideas!

Any #boost s v appreciated too :)

#articles #creativetoots #writing #history #science #art

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