“If England was unimportant why do we know about English medieval history and nothing else? Same reason you’re reading this blog in English right now, homes. I’m not sure if you know this, but in the modern period, the English got super super good at going around the world an enslaving anyone they met. When you’re busy not thinking about German imperial atrocities in the nineteenth century it’s because you’re busy thinking about British imperial atrocities, you feel me?” going-medieval.com/2019/07/26/


@22 There are a lot of people who should know better who want history to be a chain stretching from Greece to Rome to early modern England and France to Their Glorious Selves, and where every step and stumble prefigures How Glorious They Are Now. And that makes it hard to understand any culture in any period, because people are doing their own things for their
own reasons, not trying to fit into a story that makes people happy 2000 years later.

@bookandswordblog I remember picking up a lay book, something like "History of Athens", thinking I'd fill the gaps between Roman takeover and the Philhellenes & Greek independence, and imagine my surprise when the book jumped from the Roman era to the modern era without a single page about the nearly two thousand years inbetween.

That void enrages me. That putting-on-a-pedestal just some stupidly-chosen cuts of the past, and the intellectual dullness it requires. I know the stories are there.

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