Much of the independent web relies on Patreon to organize financial support.

The good folks at @comradery are building an ethical alternative as a co-op.

One of their rules is "no bosses, no cops". It's not meant for businesses (even nonprofits like the one I work for) but for independent creators, workers, activists, and co-ops.

If that could be a good fit for anything you our your friends are doing, maybe give them a follow here to stay updated as they're building the platform!


alternative to Patreon 

@eloquence @comradery there is also Liberapay Right now the Visa and Mastercard networks are still a chokepoint except for donors in the EU willing to use Swift.

I really wish Patreon had not made implausible promises to borrow large sums of money from venture capitalists. That has made it impossible for them to make wise decisions for the long term.

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