line drawing > digital image workflow 

Hey and folks: what is a good workflow for turning line drawings to B&W images without all the artefacts in the below? I use FOSS image editors.

The first redrawn illustration for my second book! Left is mine, right is the scan of a photocopy of a print of the original

LOTR, Neo-Babylonians 

Istari wizard or Nabonidus king of Babylon?
- wears a pointy hat and a long robe
- carries a staff
- goes on research dives in the palace archives
- disappears into distant lands and thought to be lost
- returns neither late not early but precisely on time
- betrayed by trusted allies who have received mysterious messages from distant powers

culture clashes scientific culture vs. wiki culture 

never change, Wikipedia. Never change.
"This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources."

markup languages 

@LauKr @ljwrites its so pretty! I still have to format the footnotes and bibliography and insert the tables and figures.

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exponential growth, research history 

The number of publications per year in my subfield vs. a dead-simple exponential model (ignore the far left of the chart, there are problems with the data set after 2013)

dragons, embroidery 

And so the collar begins @Metaph are there other tags I should be using?

the original antifascists, hardcore smiling 

The Nazi-Soviet war was an unspeakably dark thing, but a few moments of joy survive like this photo from a propaganda film c/o

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