Good King Robert's Testament 

Postdocs and the academic job market (-) 

Does anyone have suggestions for accounts posting in French? I'm looking for reasons to read more French

fantasy webcomic, Sir Thomas Moore 

Projects & writing, negative 

Projects & writing, negative 

Projects & writing, negative 

Projects & writing, negative 

@programizer And when I sell an article to a magazine, the magazine sells as many copies as people visit any part of my site all year.

@programizer I have a blog, but if I want to get a job or get the right readership, I need peer-reviewed publications with a venue and page numbers on the cover.


Does anyone have any suggestions for some good relays to subscribe to? I'm finding it difficult for my small-ish instance to discover new people/places. :\

academic life (+) 

@22 One practical issue which Dr. Janenga must know is that to study anywhere in Europe 1100-1600, you need multiple dead languages, often from different families (Latin, French, and English for England; Arabic, Latin, and Castillian for Castille ...) ... that is hard work, and its hard to build a critical mass of colleagues to make the work fun, or of students to justify writing and marketing the books and translations.

@22 There are a lot of people who should know better who want history to be a chain stretching from Greece to Rome to early modern England and France to Their Glorious Selves, and where every step and stumble prefigures How Glorious They Are Now. And that makes it hard to understand any culture in any period, because people are doing their own things for their
own reasons, not trying to fit into a story that makes people happy 2000 years later.

@22 I have some complicated thoughts about that (Tudor and early Stuart England were nowhere important either ...) but that blog post is in my pile of drafts.

Goodd King Robert's Testament 

Goodd King Robert's Testament 

journal submission 

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