@lrhodes I suspect there are attachable solar panels for mobile devices which you can plug in to the USB port like you plug in a physical keyboard

@lrhodes like 90s and oughties calculators? Probably because the power consumption is greater and the need for surface area on the top side greater.

paper shortage impact on textbooks 

@foureyedsoul a problem though is that those have to exist in advance- for some fields there are great free-to-use materials online, in others not so much. Innsbruck ancient history and ancient Near Eastern Studies has pretty much switched to OER + library resources.

paper shortage impact on textbooks 

Colleagues who teach: are you having to make arrangements for the January term to deal with likely shortages of textbooks?

Amnesty International: "We will close 2 of our offices in Hong Kong by the end of the year. This decision has been driven by Hong Kong’s National Security Law, which has made it effectively impossible for human rights orgs to work freely & without fear of reprisals from the govt.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/amnesty/sta#humanrights #news #bot]

supply chain problems 

Another misused phrase: I am seeing people calling "buying Christmas and New year's presents sensibly early to avoid anticipated shipping shortages" "panic buying". I can't even ...

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supply chain problems 

On corporate social media, small press Vertebrate Publishing is claiming that they can't buy any more book paper before 2022 v-publishing.co.uk/ I have not heard of them before and they don't give an independently verifiable source.

Cinema confusion 🧐 

@22 I just saw photos of a book launch party (!) with indoor, unmasked crowds in New York City (!)

Recommendations please: like #Tintin but by authors of color with characters of color?

(Finding myself spending more time pointing out how they’re problematic while reading them aloud to the kids than actually reading aloud to the kids.)

ah Wikipedia 

The Wikipedia entry for Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon (RN, d. 1893) spends more words on hunts he went on than the fact that he ordered two lines of ships to make U-turns towards each other, was told that this would result in a crash, repeated the order and went down with his ship and 358 officers and men who don't have their own Wikipedia articles en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_T

another question for academic fediverse + :
does your national, university or field specific doctoral programme have any interesting special rituals? e.g. in Finland + Sweden the dissertation has to be on public display in the uni library 10 days before the defence. In Sweden there's a ceremony where the candidate + supervisor go to the library + physically nail the dissertation to the wall!
in Finland some PhDs get (i.e. can buy) a doctoral sword. (not my field unfortunately.)

death in scholarship/publishing 

@greyor apparently Byzantine MS of classical texts often have a lot of ligatures so they are hard to read - there are places which will teach Greek paleography but you have to know it is a thing, find them, and then invest the time. There is an Andrew Devine at Stanford and I am not sure if he was the Andrew M. Devine who published a lot of Greek history in the 1980s classics.stanford.edu/people/a

death in scholarship/publishing 

@greyor yes, or just talking with a department / secretary / spouse The announcement was in Ancient World 19 (1989) and he said that his edition would appear that year. The good MS is the Laurentianus Graecus LV.4 and the 19th century editions are based on everything else (to be fair, the Laurentianus Graecus is supposed to be mildewed and has losses from rebinding)

@greyor Devine had a critical edition ready to publish with a small press but it never appeared before he died and the press has dropped out of sight - its possible that the one person who runs it is dead or sick

retraction of accusation of sexism 

Bethany Brookshire of the Science for the People posted on social media complaining that not enough men call her Dr. in correspondence. After it reached a large audience she double-checked and found out that in fact men address emails to Dr. Brookshire slightly more often than women do bethanybrookshire.com/i-went-v

@greyor although I still don't understand why there is no critical edition of Aelian's tactical manual (even the Greek text not the Arabic translations!) Publishing all surviving ancient texts should take precedence over the nth critical edition of a well-known text.

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