translation troubles 

translation troubles 

translation troubles 

@carlcolglazier I am very happy with my Ubuntu box + LibreOffice + a Firefox fork, it lets me just work without fighting with the OS or playing whack-a-mole with privacy violations.

winter solistice gift-giving 

“What are some good introductions to current HTML and CSS for people?”

I just got asked this question, so I put together a guide to help point people in the right directions, with tools I use everyday:

#art #mastoart #comics #comicscamp #illustration #indieartists

@tcannonfodder what are some good introductions to current HTML and CSS for people with a technical background who have not coded a full webpage since around 2003?

Zotero for humanists 

daggers, medieval paintings of murder 

Zotero for humanists 

Zotero for humanists 

Zotero for humanists 

@panina thanks! Smartphone OSes + windows have taken such strange directions this decade and its getting harder and harder to duckduckgo useful installation instructions (vs. sponsored content or things which worked in 2014 but not today)

@panina @corbin it looks like I would install android studio and then adb on my Ubuntu box? That makes sense. I just don't understand android or the horrid thing Windows has become, its all the reverse of my values around privacy, portability, etc.

@panina @corbin when I searched for backup apps, I just found what looked like 'sponsored content' and things which rely on someone else's server. I could not find software to meet my specific needs (no cloud, just back it up onto my computer, which I back up onto an external hard drive).

academic publishing ~ 

@corbin I would like to know how to back up my Android to a hard drive in the same room on a computer I control not a computer in a other xountry which I don't

places my page has been cited 

the search for mathematical laws of history 

analysis of global politics in the 2010s 

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