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weird US customs 

Casual statement from an American dean at a university "many colleges don’t allow first-year undergrads to have cars" Whaat? I can't imagine any university in Canada or Austria interfering in students' private lives like that.

Recently, many criticized @protonmail for handing over a criminal suspect's IP address to the police. I feel obliged to defend #ProtonMail in this case because

(a) they're legally obliged to cooperate and therefore not the ones to blame and

(b) they explicitly prohibit usage of their services for criminal activity.

#email #privacy

I'm reading on many forums that many universities don't allow second PhDs. It is true?

state violence, Roman empire, osteology 

Oh wow: almost 10% of archaeolgoical visible burials in Roman Cambridgeshire after 200 CE had been beheaded (27 of 288 people). But remember kids, imperialism brings peace and nonviolence something something Hobbes something something

earning money+ 

Got 15 hours of work (+4 hours unpaid commuting) with the Canadian election

review of "The Green Knight" 

Jeff Sypeck was underwhelmed with "The Green Knight" I have to figure out how to see it myself!

new podcast on sf/fa and history 

Intellectual historian, singer, and novelist Ada Palmer has launched a podcast about history and fiction My perspective on some things is a bit different than hers but I think especially Americans might enjoy the podcast

scusate raga ma dove trovo musica royalty free per fare video?

"These copper ingots," the devil said, "are of sub-par quality."
"You accepted them as payment," the merchant said, "the deal is done."
"Very well. I will uphold my end of the bargain," the devil said. "Your name will live forever."
"That is all I ask," said Ea-nasir.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

wordpress block editor gripes 

Parenthically, it drives me mad that WP's conversion to block editor often silently fails to recognize links beginning with https:// as links so you have to read the post and mark them up by hand (old editor recognized them automatically so they are not always marked up)

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Birdsite, camping 

Acquaintance Christian Cameron has a series of mini-videos on modern camping with medieval kit under the hashtag - no idea how to see them w/o birdsite

Anyone know if it's straightforward to host mastodon or something on a subdomain like and set up your webfinger on the base domain so that you can still be

⚠️ WANTED ⚠️

Für einen kleinen Kongress der sich an Aktivist:innen richtet, suchen wir eine:n Referent:in für einen Vortrag zu (grob) „OpSec für Non-Techie-Aktivist:innen“.

Vortrag soll am 02.10. in Leipzig stattfinden, alles andere gerne im persönlichen Kontakt!

Chaos-Bubble und alle drumherum: boostet was das Zeug hält. Wer kennt wen, der wen kennt? Ich bin kurzfristig auf euch angewiesen! :fairydust:

Kontakt per DM oder auch gerne per Mail:

Canada and Afghanistan 

Canada has abandoned its remaining citizens and supporters in Afghanistan five days (!) before the US's self-imposed deadline

Registrations for are now officially open! 🎉

PodQueue is designed to make it easy to bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, lectures, interviews, radio segments) and listen to it later in your favorite podcast client 🎧

Please try it out and boost!

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