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I have two questions for experimental biologists working on protein kinases:

1) How likely is it that a 'kinase-dead' mutant will still have residual catalytic activity?

2) Why is it that the K72 mutant (PKA numbering) has been used more often historically than D166? Thanks

Whoever programmed the elevators at work made an off-by-one error for the floor announcements.

I'm beginning to think that I don't want to be on a topic-specific Mastodon instance. No complaints about this server; I just don't want to think about which posts are on-topic and which are off-topic.

Any suggestions?

After years of temptation, my other keyboard broke and I finally gave in...

Right, I finally set up forwarding from my Mastodon account (@brandoninvergo) to my Twitter account. I generally won't be logging to Twitter anymore if I can help it.

Very interesting work: P. falciparum commits to sexual development by linking metabolism of a host-derived lipid to its transcriptional regulation.

I am a post-doc at the European Bioinformatics Institute. I am broadly interested in evolutionary systems biology and the dynamics and function of cellular signaling pathways.

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