overworking, burnout 

Turns out the secret to my getting 8 hours of sleep is working an 11 hour day 💀 so glad we’ve found the secret

mental health 

Boo bad mental health nights!! I’m just randomly sad and emotional tonight and i know it’s because I’m burnt out but ugh.!

These conference papers aren’t going to write themselves!

Does anyone have any for a mouse for Mac for ? I’m finding my magic mouse to be a pain in the ass when I’m working on 3 monitors and trying to scroll through or switch between monitors…

Scholars who give vague descriptions of their experimental stimuli give me anxiety

I recognize I could screenshot. But that is ugly and I am a masochist!

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Forget open data; I want to start providing their LaTeX code for their interlinear glosses. So much wasted time recreating glosses that already exist!

Number one advantage of Mastodon over the bird app is that I can finally have my preferred square brackets in my display name. Bran[don] is so much better than Bran(don)

“I think not liking a subfield’s LaTeX packages is a valid reason not to go into that subfield”

- My colleague, correctly

Here goes for an

Hey there! My name is Bran, and I’m a 2nd year PhD student at university! I’m interested in language, gender, cognition, and music — and all the ways they overlap!

I’m also , a , and recently into collecting !

Nice to be here with y’all ☺️

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