Question: should one write "CO2" or "CO2" with the subscript?

(Can't write the latter on Masto, which might be a hint)

What does the climate crisis mean for higher education?

The Future Trends Forum and our online book club explored this question today:

What does the climate crisis mean for higher ed?
Join us today from 2-3 pm EDT as we explore the latest IPCC report and its implications for colleges and universities:

Tonight's seminar focuses on tabletop games.

I plan on having students start with A Quiet Year, to introduce tabletop gaming gently and creatively, then move on to Terraforming Mars.

What does the climate crisis mean for higher education?

This Thursday join the Future Trends Forum as we explore the new IPCC report and its implications for colleges and universities.

Bring your questions, ideas, and concerns:

Digital forward design in writing classes and beyond:
here's our full Future Trends Forum conversation from today.

(Thanks to George Station for the image, which is of a virtual panel and an audience)


Just learned that CUNY held a commemoration for members of the community killed by COVID.

How many other campuses have done so?

"Average student spending on college course materials, including textbooks and digital materials, declined 22 percent during the 2021–22 academic year"

I would love to see this study:

Just did two two-hour professional development sessions for a sweet group of faculty and staff.
All on Zoom. I pulled out the stops to engage them and they engaged so well.
Love it when this happens.

climate change 

Our online book club continues reading the new IPCC report, turning to the part about mitigating climate change:

Image shows various intersections between UN Sustainable Development Goals and ways of changing civilization's energy usage.

What is digital-forward educational design? How does it apply to public higher education?

Join the Future Trends Forum this Thursday as we host a great panel of scholars and practitioners developing this pedagogical approach:

What values does an undergraduate education express?
How can campuses best interact with their communities?

Here's our conversation with the AAC&U president, Lynn Pasquerella:

This is a fascinating graph of American attitudes towards science from 1973-2021.
The whole thing is interesting, but look at how the divergence by party starts around 2007, then just takes off.


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