@bryanalexander You say: "There should be a drive from many faculty to revise their current courses to include climate change topics. " - Do you think this is not already the case?

@esty It *could* be, but I'm not sure of numbers or scope.
In my work I've seen climate change curricular development massively outnumbered by others.

@bryanalexander I've probably not been to a single course where it's not mentioned and most uni's doing atmosphere or ocean pr related fields have specific seminars and courses dedicated to the issue. And have for the past decade or so. It's why I was a little surprised..

@esty I've seen climate change mentioned, but not turned into curricula, beyond the critical classes (Earth science, meteorology, etc).
Now, for the past year I've been looking at US examples, so they might be outliers.

@bryanalexander There are some examples. But sure, the US can probably be considered an outlier in many ways when it comes to scientific literacy. masterstudies.com/MSc/Climate-

@esty The US is very uneven when it comes to science, yes.
Thanks for that masters-level link!

@bryanalexander You're welcome :) Thank you for sharing your writing.

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