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Duke University is hosting an online reading of China’s classic novel The Story of the Stone/Dream of the Red Chamber.

Ah, I wish I had time for this now! I love that novel.

How can we best design games for learning?
Today the Future Trends Forum hosted excellent game designer Michael Townsend and the conversation was great.

Here's the recording and chat:

PS: yes, I've heard of the email version.

I must harrumph. A colleague and I started this blog *in 2005*.

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It's May 3rd, which means... Dracula begins!

Yes, this is the day when poor Jonathan Harker heads east.

You can follow at the Draculablog:

Working on image details for my upcoming book:
-format (png vs jpg vs pdf)
-sources (getting the language right)
-proper listing for a figures page
-reconstructing missing images

I swear, I never want to see another headline ordering me to heed a call like "We need to talk about X."

Heading to bed now.
You all take care and be well, Mastodon.

I’m not sure if this Vaclav Smil interview on the difficulties in getting humanity to take the seriously makes me more depressed or irritated:

From the latest State of the Humanities report, an awful view of how job openings have fared over the past 20 years:

What do the latest IPCC reports mean for higher education?

Our online, open book club is reading them throughout May.

You are all welcome to join us! Here's how to participate:

protocol question:
is it ok to share URLs?
I'm not seeing many so far.

Greetings, all. I'm a futurist specializing in the future of higher education. To that end I teach classes, write books, lead a weekly video conversation (the Future Trends Forum), and more.

I've tried Masto a few times and bounced off. Let's see if it works better now.

climate crisis 

Reading the new IPCC climate crisis report: part 1.

There's a summary, reflections, questions, and resources.


Fall semester toggle terms so far: a list of campuses suddenly switching to mandate online learning for a short time as

I'll update this list as reports come in.

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