It's funny how finally articulating your question(s) to an expert, especially with the hope of them helping you with it, leads you to figure out a likely solution(s).

I sent a question to some experts in quant and right as/after I hit the send button I got what feels like the solution. Don't worry, I wrote it down! (Here in the EDIT section, if you're curious:

@bthall I actually find sometimes that even just explaining a problem to someone I know can't help me solve it will help me find the answer too. It's like the thought gets balled up in your brain around the answer, and you need to pull on a piece of it to unravel it.

Ah yes, that's kinda like the practice of rubber duck debugging in the programming world, which takes it to a real extreme:

@bthall I hadn't heard of this term but I first discovered it's effectiveness while programming so makes sense. I use it with other things now too, but it makes sense that mechanisms have been built up to aid in triggering this phenomenon with programming specifically.

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