I've been a lot more chill over the past few weeks. I'd been stressing for a long while about my career and wanting to get to a point where I can professionally work on or stuff that interest me, but I think I'll just do that in my free time for now. (As an independent scholar.)

My current job is fine for me, seems secure, and is quite complimentary to my interests, so I'll just find fulfillment on my own time instead of struggling to force it into my career. 😅

@bthall remember the old adage:
if you don't have to worry about food & rent, you are doing fine
the rest is an optional extra, and can take its time, no stress

@bthall That's the boat I'm in!
It's also nice because now that I don't have to worry about basic life needs being met, I have more energy for my projects

@Cyborgneticz Here's the full part I meant, rather than just leaving it open-ended. :)

@bthall OH my SO loooooves this creator we've watched their stuff

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