Is there a way to view which posts within a specific instance have a hashtag in them? I'd like to follow on without the noise of other instances.

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@bthall just click in the 'search' form on the left side (if you're using the Mastodon client) and you should see hints on searching. If you want to find posts with the introduction hastag, just search on #introduction :) - it should search your instance and any of those posts that have passed through your instance (e.g. from those others on your instance are following). Might even go farther afield than that. Not sure.

@lightweight OK, thank you. :/ It looks like I can't quite filter it down to that specific instance, though. It seems like following @socrates is the most direct route for what I want.

@bthall @socrates I'm not an expert on searching Mastodon instances (even though I run a couple) but yes, I think that's the best approach. You might be able to narrow it to an instance by using '@instancename' in your search, but not sure.

Because that's your local instance you can do this pretty easily

Switch advanced web interface (turn this on in preferences->appearance)

Search for introductions which adds your search as a column.

Then toggle the column to be local only.

@cratesmith Oh I see now, you have to pin it first, then you see the settings. Thanks for pointing me to this!

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