Please share a quote or idea from your lower-ed days that has stuck with you.

"When you change the tools, you change the rules." —Mr. Funk, middle school humanities teacher

@bthall "If you want someone to do something for you, make it as easy as possible for them to do it" - Miss Thompson, primary school music teacher

@bthall I was just remembering the other day my maths teacher introducing me to the idea of algorithms.

damn, you were interested in organic gardening in 6th grade?

"Don't say 'it can't be done', say 'I don't know how to'".

It was probably 10th grade, a science class, and it referred to a particular chemical reaction, but it's usable in a surprisingly wide range of contexts!

Actually, it was in Spanish and to me it was subtly different, since the "yo" is optional so including it is emphasizing that it is oneself in particular that does not know:
"No digas 'no se puede', di 'yo no sé'".

But also, besides adding my own quote, if I may comment on yours... it is surprisingly useful to understand why quantum computing (and quantum technologies) are interesting.

Indeed, working with quantum tools to do logic actually changes logic rules!

@bthall the models we have are just conveniences. There are no outer shells of atoms with a neat 2 or 8 electrons. They are simplified to get you ready for the next step of learning. Dennis Black, tertiary college chemistry (UK High school equivalent).

@bthall "I'm the engine driver, not the oily rag" - Mr Kinnoch, Chemistry (used to assert his classroom dictatorship!)

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