An academic blogger and vlogger that I used to follow seems to have yanked down all the content they'd produced for years, and they seem to have become way more selective with who they share educational resources. :(

It's weird to kinda have a public good taken away, especially when the good seemingly required no significant added cost to continue to provide.

@bthall Why don’t you contact them and ask what happend? Expressing how important it was to you, that could not go wrong.

Good point. I think I will reach out to them to let them know that I appreciated their stuff.

I found a podcast episode where the guy discusses his decision to do this, and his reasoning for it is pretty unsatisfying for me. 😂

@bthall They could have retired - I've just been informed that all my pages will be deleted when I retire. Like they can't wait to be rid of me....

Will you move them to another host? It would stink to lose them.

If you setup the other host before retirement, you could add a link to the new site to the current site that directs people there.

@bthall If all else fails, of course I'll move my material to a new server. But I am politically irritated by this, so I'll have to give it a fight.

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