Are any of you familiar with that deal with/are for people who have academic/scholarly interests but aren't in academia? Please recommend them if so.

I've got a bunch of history podcasts I listen to: We're Not So Different and the History of Africa notably. Tides of History is also really nice.

@bthall it's a YouTube channel rather than a podcast, but the brilliant Abigail Thorn has a channel called PhilosophyTube that covers a lot of philosophical topics in an accessible way and relates it to current social issues.

@bthall there is a linguistics podcast on, which is co-hosted by @allthingslinguistic it's fun to listen to

@bthall could you be more specific? That sounds like serious nonfiction podcasts in general (ie. the kind that interview people who at least wrote a trade book on a subject that someone knows something about). What kind of topics are you interested in? For example, r/AskHistorians has a podcast, the BBC has shows like In Our Time, Sabine Hossenfelder has a vlog about the problems within theoretical physics, CBC has Quirks and Quarks on natural science news.

@bthall with the interests in your bio maybe Rationally Speaking? Its a shame Massimo Pigliucci left since Julia Galef tends to drift into bad company without him (right 'Libertarians' and LessWrong style rationalists)

Thank you for your suggestions. Indeed, I see now that my post wasn't clear enough. Though many people interpreted it as an ask for Sci Comms podcasts, which I still appreciate, I intended to ask for podcasts geared towards independent scholars / researchers. 😅

@bthall are you looking for podcasts about current research (whether academic research like Quirks and Quarks or trade books like Science for the People) or about practical problems like obtaining publications and publishing without an institutional affiliation?

There are also things about academic publishing and how to move towards free-to-publish, free-to-read but I am not sure if any of them are podcasts.

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