Plants in the city vs outside of it - what are they like and how do they make babies?

How does urbanization affect the reproductive characteristics and ecological affinities of street plant communities?

Become the skateboard academic you want to see in the world
...or on campus

Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new about statistics

As the #PinePhone ($150 Linux smartphone) development is moving fast, a series of articles might be redundant and confusing for most people. This article, to be dynamically updated as development proceeds, gathers what is known at this stage, and will hopefully be an answer to some of your questions.

You can read our latest article on

#pine64 #linux #privacy


Shifting gears from the regulatory determinants of MNC corruption risk to the effects of climate shocks on horizontal inequality in ethnically divided countries while I wait for coauthor to approve manuscript for submission.


Now I know what owl legs look like and life can never be the same again.


Trying a similar request again: can anyone recommend a good journal that covers environmental justice?

@noctiluca Yep, there's a very good PDF and ebook reading app that should work on it (I used it on my first generation iPad mini). I don't know the name of it at the moment, but I think it's "GoodReader."

+ There's Libby and Overdrive, Podcast apps, RSS reader apps

Again correct me if I am wrong. Nothing is done during installation, the JIT cache is only created when you run it for the first time. I'm not sure if it would persist.
As I see it it is a technological problem and they might fix it eventually. I hate it when they have JIT compile everything, even Plots.jl.

By JIT compiling, do you mean that it would need to recompile the package each time that it's used or can you maybe use a cache after compiling it the first time (when installing it)?

Julia doesn't have an equivalent pacaking format of Python wheels. So you would end up JIT compiling everything you install. And that can be annoying. This also means that distros won't be able to package Julia packages.

There is some talk about sysimage support, but is not position independent code, from what I read. Tbh, that is out of my league.

How does it feel to use and manage packages in ? Does it feel closer to the experience in or in ?

@twsh info and slides, please! For classes that you no longer teach, too, would be great. I feel like it demonstrates publicly that you care about the area of study and want people to care too.

I wonder how much poor #marketing and #advertising leads to products being higher priced than they'd be if their marketing and advertising efforts were better.

The things I think about when I look at the #Purism website.

#Librem5 will be dope. The marketing is overly pointed towards privacy-focused people, restricting market awareness and favorable market perceptions. Prices per unit for the first production run will be high but wouldn't be as high if they could produce more units. They'd produce more if they could estimate that more would sell. But they can't/shouldn't given their current, lame marketing.

@amiloradovsky lmao I was joking about data that ought to be discarded.

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