@sheogorath Huh. I see Linux as checking enough of the boxes to count as a replacement for Windows.

@Coldguy Gosh, the header image you chose for your profile is beautiful. What's it from? :O

Welcome, btw lol

My university recently switched its Learning Management System (or Virtual Learning Environment) and we had a party to celebrate successful launch of the new one and decommissioning of the old.

Complete with an ax in the server for the old one.

Kidding...it’s a cake.

@jrhawley oh right, I remember hearing about this talk 👍

Navigating around in notebooks is just unintuitive enough for me to drive me nuts. \o/

I was wondering why I feel intense emotions in my chest and found this fantastic map of where different emotions are felt on the body.

Article: Bodily sensations of emotion - heartache, shivers down one's spine - aren't bound by culture (🇫🇮🇸🇪🇹🇼sample). #PNAS


The sound of an expertly played electric guitar without a PA continues to amaze me.

It's just something you don't get to hear live very often.

I've been since Wednesday, and I'm still not sure what I have or feel like it's inclined to go away sometime soon. Lots of googling symptoms.

Does anyone else end up re-doing a load of their data analysis when they're writing something up, or is it just me?

@bthall @gzt @bgcarlisle If you've published and have an implementation somewhere, I'm pretty sure that counts as "prior art" and would invalidate a subsequent patent by someone else, if it was basically identical to your work.

Note that I am not a lawyer and this does not constitute legal advice. It's just based on my layman's understanding after the copyright/free software/free culture scene for about 20 years.

this little one right here did a good job...I'm proud of her :blobcatcoffee:

Wide Field View of Great American Eclipse

Image Credit & Copyright: Nicolas Lefaudeux

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap190130.ht #APoD

Two days ago I watched a colleague of mine teaching middle schoolers about Geogebra, I am so proud of her!

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@parsonsj I use Linux, where there's 50+ ways to do this — zero of which I'm familiar with 🚬

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Visited this local #udon restaurant on our recent trip to #Japan. I love udon and this may have been the best I've ever had.. will be back! #うどん
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