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Interesting feature of this in importance of intertextuality and films for readers - Harry Potter reviews both included lots of references to Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker, etc. Suggestion that people understand texts via reference to other similar stories. Included in reviews of older books - e.g. "Interesting how emotive Doyle's Holmes is, compared to modern versions being more like Spock."

#digitalhumanities #eadh2018 #history

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Do any of you think that it would be an intellectual property violation if I were to input or articles and , extract words and two or three-word sets, and form and distribute the index that I make of them? (The word sets are technically referred to as "n-grams".) Google did this with Google book search, but they didn't openly distribute the index.

It'd be nice to have indexes, for further text discovery and search.

Logically pedantic readings of song lyrics 

@sonya Yep—I feel like my job is to be grounded enough in my skills and knowledge that I CAN just wing it.

@ErikaAlpert discovering quite how much of academia is just winging it has been a real adventure for me :D

Sometimes I still think about how I might not have a PhD if not for freshman-me defiantly lying and checking the "PhD" box when my university asked, "What is the highest degree you hope to attain?" It was an intro survey of the incoming student body. The university put me on mailing lists about pre-grad school info. I learned about research opportunities and programs like McNair. I originally just expected to get my B.S. and get a job. Good job, freshman-me!

Mfw the book says "obviously" but to me it is not obvious at all 😠

I now have the domain! Until I feel like paying $5/month to Neocities, I'm just redirecting the domain to the Neocities subdomain :)

(#Neocities is well worth $5, but I'm cash-poor right now.)

Just borrowed a tool from a neighbor using the nebenan app. I didn't need to buy an item I would barely use.

Hey. I'd like to get a little fediverse support group doing for writing more in the next year.

It can be blogs, long posts on here, fiction, non-fiction, thesis, uni work, etc. etc.

But I want us to band together and support and motivate each other.

I'm suggesting #AmWriting (capitalized for screen readers) as it's an already established hashtag, which I don't think would suffer if it was used more.

Still, don't give unsolicited advice, obviously.

Who's in?

It frustrates me that many machine learning topics I have encountered seems like both bad maths and bad software engineering with all the (program) variables named x-hat or q-prime where that has absolutely no relation to their function, and all functions are represented by equally opaquely named matrices.

#DataViz for Storytelling and Discovery Course 

Good points in this article about data and all that shapes its context to not actually be "raw" as implied.

Whoops! The grammar wasn't *that* formal: "I'm in third grade, so I'm studying aerodynamics"

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Overheard: "I'm in third grade, which is why I'm studying aerodynamics"

“A rat in the house might eat the ice cream.” — This was how they taught us to spell “arithmetic” when I was in elementary school.


Alternative search engine 


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