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I'm getting to read up on something for work that I've been wanting to read up on anyway 😚

Plants in the city vs outside of it - what are they like and how do they make babies?

How does urbanization affect the reproductive characteristics and ecological affinities of street plant communities?

Become the skateboard academic you want to see in the world
...or on campus

Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new about statistics

As the #PinePhone ($150 Linux smartphone) development is moving fast, a series of articles might be redundant and confusing for most people. This article, to be dynamically updated as development proceeds, gathers what is known at this stage, and will hopefully be an answer to some of your questions.

You can read our latest article on

#pine64 #linux #privacy


Now I know what owl legs look like and life can never be the same again.


Trying a similar request again: can anyone recommend a good journal that covers environmental justice?

How does it feel to use and manage packages in ? Does it feel closer to the experience in or in ?

Academic journal web design fail 

@bgcarlisle @hugh @bthall I hear you. If only we could convince journals to adopt an epub-like plain HTML format that would support responsive design and not rely on gobs of JavaScript...

Generating argumentation maps by writing the logical structure of an argument:

Interesting stuff. This could also be used for digging into arguments and assumptions about .

I just learned about the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. Are any of you here members of it or know people that are members of it?

Open-mindedness... "How Intellectual Humility Can Make Us More Curious, Reflective & Able to Learn More: Read the Findings of a New Study"

The traditional method for forced rhubarb goes back nearly 200 years.

Rhubarb is planted in fields, fertilised well with manure, and left to grow pretty much wild for 2 years. During this time, it'll store a ton of energy in its roots as carbohydrates. Then at the start of Winter, the rhubarb is moved somewhere warm and completely dark.

In the darkness, the plants start to grow vivaciously, converting those carbs into sugars. As a result, it's sweeter and more tender than Summer rhubarb.

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I found what appears to be a major data entry error in the Drugs@FDA database

Or rather, about 1400 data entry errors

If you have reproducibility issues with Jupyter notebooks you should give a shot to Nextjournal (

Here's a great presentation of the platform by the company CEO

Academic life, that means conferences. They are an important part of science: Many of my collaboration projects were thought up at a conference or brought into a public form for one. We may (and should) find other ways to present our work and network with potential new colleagues in the future, but for now it means I sit at the airport to fly half around the globe and back to meet other people doing the same, which is clearly not sustainable. What ideas for alternatives are out there?

Econ, social group decision making, inequalities 

Reading Akerloff’s “A Theory of Social Custom, of which unemployment may be one consequence” in his An Economic Theorist’s Book of Tales (1984)

Run across a formulation which is similar to some of my charitability thoughts for social groups.

@bthall if i'm not mistaken, this already exists. for example, if you're in a julia shell, you can type


and you get this:
help?> ≥
"≥" can be typed by \ge<tab>
search: ≥

>=(x, y)

Greater-than-or-equals comparison operator. Falls back to y <= x.


julia> 'a' >= 'b'

julia> 7 ≥ 7 ≥ 3

julia> "abc" ≥ "abc"

julia> 5 >= 3

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