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Since it cannot be said enough, let's say it again: the Impact Factor is easily gamed, is impossible to reproduce, varies wildly between disciplines, is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and is not representative.

Don't use it to assess researchers.


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Hello! I'm Tom, an assistant professor in CS. I recently rejoined academia after several years in a research lab. Currently interested in various aspects of security, specifically thinking about problems related to information integrity in all types of systems.

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Hello all! I'm Dominik, BSc Computer Science student from Dresden, Germany. I'm currently sitting on my bachelor thesis.
I enjoy network security, distributed systems and botnet monitoring. Currently trying to publish a symposium paper on the latter before I finish up my BSc. New to all things academia 🎓

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I'm coming up to two years of using Linux for all my academic work. I think that it was a good decision. 🐧

My paper submitted to EAPS 2018 conference was accepted for a poster presentation. They said in their email, that there will be 120 presentation sessions and 4 poster sessions. Technically, this means my paper belongs to the bottom 3% of all accepted papers. This, of course, may happen. However, the decision was given over an abstract. Only an abstract?! How do you decide whether a paper needs to be presented verbally or as a poster, based on a paragraph?

Why is research called "re-search"?

What does it mean to boost a toot? You make it more visible?

What is the best mastodon client on Android? I am using Tusky right now, but I would like to know whether I am missing something.

Hello all! I am an assistant prof. of computer science interested in data analysis and mining, computational geometry, computer game design and prototyping. I am working in Hacettepe University, Turkey. I wanted to give mastodon a try and hope to find a trusted medium for sharing my thoughts and collaborating with people. So, I really hope that this works :)