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burkaygenc @burkaygenc

Hello all! I am an assistant prof. of computer science interested in data analysis and mining, computational geometry, computer game design and prototyping. I am working in Hacettepe University, Turkey. I wanted to give mastodon a try and hope to find a trusted medium for sharing my thoughts and collaborating with people. So, I really hope that this works :)

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@burkaygenc You’ll like it here. I’m new myself. Only been around a couple of weeks. So welcome!

Hey! Welcome to the fediverse!
I wanted to make a joke by generalising these interests into 'being a fellow vector map enthusiast' but my brain wouldn't let me use the pun because it's too reductive D:

@burkaygenc hello and welcome- hoş geldiniz! I’m a software nerd in Seattle, doing, well, whatever I can get my hands on.