Immune Repertoire Seminar Series 

The consortium -- which our team is part of -- has now started an online seminar series on "Theory and Applications of Immune Repertoires". This week's seminar (Thu, 2020-11-26, 16:00-17:30 CET) will feature talks from Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam (KI 🇸🇪 ) and Vanessa Mhanna (Sorbonne U 🇫🇷 ).

See for more details and registration.

AIRR Community Meeting 

The 5th AIRR Community meeting will take place Tue, 2020-12-08 to Thu, 2020-12-10 from 16:00 to 20:00 CET as virtual meeting. It will include Working Group presentations, scientific sessions, interactive poster sessions and software tool demonstrations.

Registration is open now under:

All membership levels are eligible for a 50% discount.

Research data infrastructure in Germany 

27 consortia and cross-cutting initiatives have now published their declaration on joint infrastructure development for the ( National Research Data Infrastructure, i.e. the German contribution to ) :

(text is in :de:)

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Our 1st de-RSE #PositionPaper is here: It describes an environment for #ResearchSoftwareSustainability in 🇩🇪 and beyond & is the outcome of a community process at the Society for Research Software ( Great community collaboration!

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"If you are in academia, share your publications, share your teaching materials, share your code, share your data, share your time. If you have the opportunity, please help to facilitate more open exchange of talent and of knowledge."

#OpenScience #OpenData #science #data #research #share #exchange #idea

The has released v1.3 of their data schema for Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire sequencing data:

This is a big step ahead to facilitate sharing of this data, as the current release now includes:

* a proper schema for study metadata
* an API for repositories (OpenAPI v2)
* support for ontologies

A new (reverse) acronym to learn for data repositories: TRUST
(Transparency, Responsibiliy, User focus, Sustainability, Technology)

As I see it, this basically summarizes the criteria of for data repositories into a nice catch phrase. The criteria are not as well defined as for , potentially because that's already part of CTS.

publishes new requirements for publishers regarding price transparency. Non-compliant publishers will not be eligible for OA funds after mid-2022.

Data sharing survey 

PLoS is running a survey on the pleasures and pains of sharing scientific data. Still running until next week:

EU-funded OA platform 

The has awarded a contract to F1000 Research to provide a free (of charge) platform for and funded research. Plan launch in 2021:

European Open Science Cloud 

EOSC Secretariat published a 12-pager information booklet on EOSC:

They are still not stating how they are going to build it, but at least they know want they want to have in the end 😀

Interesting proposal by
on combining Open Data and Open Source licenses:

I have some doubts however, whether the schema would be to complex to be applicable in a larger scale.

European Data Strategy 

It's already some weeks ago that the published its . Strong focus on and data from industry, research infrastructures like are merely a side note. Nevertheless, the same challenges as for scientific data remain, so -- Lo and behold! -- Page 12 actually identifies the principles as a generic strategy:

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The #RDA (Research Data Alliance) #COVID19 working group now released the 2nd draft of their recommendations for sharing the output of COVID-19 research. Page 34 highlights the importance of releasing code under a #FOSS license:

Hope the wording gets more explicit in the final version.

#freesoftware #opensource #pmpc

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Great talk about Secure Health Data Infrastructures by @msuhr . Abstract and slides can be found under

I'm at @fosdem this weekend, currently in the session on Open Research Tools. Three great talks so far, all analyzing the same deficiencies: training of scientists, sustainability of software, best practices in development.
Interestingly, no one presented the obvious solution so far: Research Software Engineers! 😉

We should work on our outreach!


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🇬🇧 Save the Date for #deRSE20 !

The 2nd Internationl Conference of Research Software Engineers in Germany is expected to take place 25-27 August 2020 at #UniJena.

For further information, see


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