Great talk about Secure Health Data Infrastructures by @msuhr . Abstract and slides can be found under

I'm at @fosdem this weekend, currently in the session on Open Research Tools. Three great talks so far, all analyzing the same deficiencies: training of scientists, sustainability of software, best practices in development.
Interestingly, no one presented the obvious solution so far: Research Software Engineers! πŸ˜‰

We should work on our outreach!


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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Save the Date for #deRSE20 !

The 2nd Internationl Conference of Research Software Engineers in Germany is expected to take place 25-27 August 2020 at #UniJena.

For further information, see


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Happy to see this announced today. This years was a great experience.
Save the Date: - 2nd International Conference of Research Software Engineers in Germany, 25-27 August 2020

Open Source & FAIR Research Software 

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The position paper "Towards FAIR principles for research software" explores potential modifications to the #FAIR principles to make them better applicable to software. Interesting and comprehensive read, but it IMO falls short in regards to (R)e-use, especially due to the vague part on licensing. A clearer recommendation for #freesoftware licenses would provide a more stable basis for #OpenScience.

EOSC Rules of Participation 

Indigenous Data Sovereignty 

How to know that you're working in cancer research? 

asks future and to explicitly put "Education" and "Research" in the title of Commissioner . Petition is up for co-signing until 2019-10-23:

Our manuscript about a new for genes finally went out for review. Fingers crossed!

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"... it would have caused less work, cost less money, and provided the Foundation a lot less stress. But it also would be wrong."

Good to see @gnome stands firm against a patent troll - "not just for #GNOME and #Shotwell, but for all #FreeSoftware and #OpenSource software projects":


VDJbase manuscript published in Nucl Acids Res:

VDJbase is the first database dedicated to and information.

Open Data Directive (EU) 2019/1024 

Last Friday's Webinar on :

Five projects have recently started (funded via INFRAEOSC-05):
* EOSC-Nordic
* EOSC-Pillar
* EOSC Synergy
While not obvious from the names, these are all regional consortia, with partially similar tasks:
* Map national service landscape
* Build capabilities (national thematic services)
* Promote FAIR/ORDM
* Provide training

Project #5 is EOSC Secretariat, but that another topic.

The first Concertation Meeting took place in Brussels, 2019-09-09/-10, the final report is now online:

AIRR Community announces OGRDB, the Open Germline Receptor Database:

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