Hi everyone, glad to be here, all of your stories sound so cool! I'm Jackie. I wish I could share something similar, but I actually feel really stuck right now! I've had a hard time getting traction as a nonbinary person in an engineering field. Would anyone possibly consider letting me come to you for advice or even just hearing my story? To finish the intro I like art, writing, video games, cats, and knowing way too much about magnetostatic spin waves.

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@byrgenwerth Welcome Jackie! And I'd certainly like to hear your story - this is a space where people share their difficulties as well as their successes.

@byrgenwerth Hi welcome!

I'm sorry to hear that your field hasn't been great to you

Of course you're welcome to share anything you feel comfortable with (of course, with the standard disclaimer to use the Content Warning button and choose your post privacy settings as appropriate)

I don't know if *I'll* have good advice for you, as I'm in a totally different field, but I'll certainly listen and sympathize, and it seems likely that *someone* will be more clever than me and know what to say!

@byrgenwerth hi Jackie! Sorry to hear of you having a hard time in engineering. Although I'm an engineer (working as a researcher) I'm not sure if and how I can be of help, but for sure I can listen (and even answer questions, if you're not too in a hurry).

@byrgenwerth Hi Jackie! I'm all ears (or eyes) for your story. Feel free to tell it any way you wish.

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