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avatar and header image descriptions 

Header: Still from Howl's Moving Castle where Sophie is taking a tram ride by hanging onto it from the outside and watching the city go by.

Avatar: An avatar generated by lofigirl generator. Some cartoon dude that soooomewhat resembles me, the composition looks like the famous lofi-girl-studying picture.

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Selam! I'm Göktuğ; a Türkiyeli 90s kid, an eternal grad student, a boring dork with too many notebooks.

Doing an MA in linguistics, my thesis concerns discursive identity building in a particular privileged consumption community. As a wannabe researcher, I am interested in discursive construction of privileged identities, and the interface between discourse and reality.

Other than that I am a stationery nerd, a computeing geek, and a bookworm on hiatus. 1/2

Spoilers :boost_ok:

boring boring boring boring boring boring boring bori bob brob borb bob

vimwiki release proposal, input welcome 

this may interest a few of you:

if this doesn't work, i think i'm forking it and doing violence to all the parts i have no desire or capacity to maintain.

:boost_requested: :vim:

it deffo comes off as concern for local LGBTQ+ when you are only finally concerned about equality in Qatar when it comes time to travel there for a bullshit sports event during a global pandemic

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stop and think about how the last few decades or centuries have been like for the locals, but ofc maybe you are too white for that aren't you

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"I mean this oppressive government has made us rich but *we* can't be openly gay when *we* go there and that's a huge problem"

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Whites stop complaining about queermisia in places where you installed colonial patriarchal satellite states challenge 2022

World Cup in Qatar and homophobia 

@attribot Welp, it would have been nice if white colonists hadn't set up all these oppressive regimes with local patriarchal elites, wouldn't it? And then if they didn't make them rich with colonial money, and then if they didn't help build and enrich their cities built on slave labour, and then if they hadn't let them do these organisations the venues of what are again built on slave labour with white money flowing unceasingly into petrol baron pockets.

BlackinMarSci ; cops called by hotel; birdsite link 

This is horrific. Having the police called on you by a hotel while supervising students. This is an extra burden no one should have to carry.

I wish we had an alternate name for "ethnographic" studies that doesn't evoke bad anthropology.. given especially a lot of interesting research is being done recently using ethnographic methodologies.

thesis writing question 

does it make sense to start writing a methods chapter before anything else, as you're doing your analytical work / experiments?

Unstandardized English: Radical Copyediting, with Alex Kapitan (S3E18)

Episode webpage:

Media file:

"[... Host] JPB Gerald and guest Alex Kapitan discuss Alex's work in the world of copyediting and how Alex resists the oppressive structures of the field", and how copyediting can be and may be made not to be a muffler on marginalised voices.

If you would be so kind I'm looking for good/your favourite resources describing mechanisms and criticisms of how funding :loz_rupee: for scientific work shapes technological possibility :Discovery: and political discourse about technology.


Unstandardized English (podcast): Neurodivergent Narratives, with Ali Oats

Episode webpage:

This is a really special episode for me because two PhD students, two scholars with ADHD, here are talking about their childhood and school life.

two statements about libraries 

1. universities are just a range of architecture surrounding a library

2. today is my first day at the library

zotero / reference management / ranty--questioney 

Consider: 1 2 and X Y Z are fairly overlapping, all to do with language and identity stuff.

I think part of it is Zotero's terrible UI and lack of swift keybindings, but it's difficult to work..

How do _you_ do this? Zotero or not, and especially if you pursue multiple topics/programs?

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zotero / reference management / ranty--questioney 

As it is now I have collections like following:

Topic 1
Topic 2
Fiction [related to research]
Program: X
Program: Z
Program: Y
MA Thesis

I also have an humongous archived DB (which I need to copy stuff from sometime...) where I'd make collections per project, eg assignment, term paper etc.

The latter is okay I think but classifying by topic and program, that's maybe too much?

I mean it's all intersecting too..

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zotero / reference management / ranty--questioney 

Recently came up with a few "research programs", i.e. general topics for my future research.

Felt like a good idea to organise bib db around these, so created a folder in Zotero for each "program".

Slowly discovering a downside to this: often I'll encounter papers that don't neatly fit into one or more of these.

So I'm wondering, is this maybe too rigid? Would it be better to dump it all in one folder?

I have notebooks per program elsewhere.

academic culture, feminism 

Exhaustion becomes a management technique: you tire people out so they are too tired to address what makes them tired” (Ahmed, 2021)

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