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avatar and header image descriptions 

Header: Still from Howl's Moving Castle where Sophie is taking a tram ride by hanging onto it from the outside and watching the city go by.

Avatar: An avatar generated by lofigirl generator. Some cartoon dude that soooomewhat resembles me, the composition looks like the famous lofi-girl-studying picture.

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Selam! I'm Göktuğ; a Türkiyeli 90s kid, an eternal grad student, a boring dork with too many notebooks.

Doing an MA in linguistics, my thesis concerns discursive identity building in a particular privileged consumption community. As a wannabe researcher, I am interested in discursive construction of privileged identities, and the interface between discourse and reality.

Other than that I am a stationery nerd, a computeing geek, and a bookworm on hiatus. 1/2

'aristotle says the way to become something is through doing it, so the way to be a better student is to use the library'

high school teaching is just roasting people

@cadxdr Check out the cryosphere one, they have something akin to what you suggest (minus the anonymity):


😏👉 pear review
😏👉 beer review
😏👉 bear review
😫✋ peer review

if I wanted my work to be reviewed by anonymous racist misogynists, I'd publish it on reddit

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it'd be much more like homework and much less like walking in a forest in the dark

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the more I think about it the more I wanna do a PhD where I'm assigned a project and not pick something myself

annoying thing here is deciding what's to be copied from what file to where

ideally I wanna copy over a minimal amount of quotations from the reading text (my notes have 4 main sections: overview, notes, quotations from the document's text, interesting bibliography items)

I am indecisive if the quotations part is really that necessary, and if I'm copying over just too much, wasting time

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e.g. in the current paper I'm transcribing notes from, in the thesis notes document, I just added a note which says "between pages X and Y, explanation/description of 'new' middle class"

that way I don't need to copy a lot of shit over, and I know what's where

I mean at least I hope I know

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idk how useful this is and how this compares but this is my reading notes workflow

- reading notes folder, where one file per article/book/... I read. these notes are general purpose, not for thesis only

- I've a document for reading notes relevant to thesis. I have a section for each reading I do here that corresponds to above files, and here I take notes specifically relevant to thesis (including which bit of the document is good for what), I copy over some quotations or citations

I wish academic papers were all freely available and in EPUB format.

especially junior academics are some of the most precarious workers, ppl are trying to make it in a system designed for noble boys in premodern europe bc its the only viable way to do research especially in social sciences and humanities, and on top of that ppl gotta deal with fuckers who think they know everything about everything

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"just publish OA" yeah give me $1k to afford to do so in an international journal as a researcher from a nonwestern country

"just publish in radical journals" yeah I too fancy being unemployable, do you also tell junior coders to only learn APL and Smalltalk?

kill the neoliberal vote with your wallet bro in your head and understand that some issues are systematic nad recognise the work we're doing to deal with it

if not stfu

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ppl stop making utterly uninformed takes about academia this is also a job with bosses assessment and limitations sometimes you can't and shouldn't be the don quixote pls stop being the academic variant of fossbros pls stop talking about shit you have no idea about challenge 2022 (impossible)

Radical Open Access is an alliance of acedemic-led open access publishers that take a radical stance against the sort of open-access put forth by commercial publishers.

Oh my god, doing a lil skip through Existential Comics and this one about Nietzsche's fans hurts

for background: I read italianistics at undergrad so I have some vague knowledge of 20th century philosophies but then I moved to linguistics, planning to do microlinguistic, statistical work, and promptly forgot most of it. turns out that's not my kinda thing and I'm turning to studying identity discourses which I'm feeling cosy in moving forward, but I lack a lot of philosophical and sociological basics

feels like Bourdieu is particularly relevant to me but I want to acquire a general picture

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can you recommend me some sort of 101 textbook for 20th century philosophies? especially those philosophies and traditions that inform critical studies.

boosts appreciated :boost_requested:

does social constructivism originate in structuralism or post-structuralism?

we say the last two cycles of higher ed is for learning how to do research

and yet punish people for research that fails, instead of showing them how to reroute, retry, and appreciating what they learned about how to do scholarship

how is it surprising then that people come out results-oriented and uncritical? we *teach* them that focusing on anything but the end result, the shiny product, will get them in trouble

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