Do you know of any work on histories of urban dwellings?

Especially "alternative" sorts of housing like informal settlements, work-/poorhouses, dorms, convents, various types of single occupant housing (hotels, bachelor's rooms, etc), public housing projects and so on.

I would fancy work that cites other literature on the topic and does NOT focus on the US.

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This could also include work that focuses on the experience some certain minority group's experience, e.g. queer dwellings, the modes of dwellings available to certain ethnic or racialised minorities in a certain timespace, etc.

@cadxdr the city in history (no emphasis on alt /queer stuff). theres also quite a lot of talk abt the issue in the dawn of everything and also seeing like a state (and poss also other James c Scott books I havent read )

@cadxdr not quite what you're asking for, but there's 'the autonomous city: a history of urban squatting'. It's got pretty good references.

@cadxdr We ( have a few architectural guides on residential areas in Bonn and our friends ( about Hamburg (all in German).

I could quote a few sources on Soviet city planning, the microrayon etc.

STAB (school of theory and activism Bishkek, did some research on a queer commune in 1970s Bishkek:

Which languages can you read?

@fiee thank you!

I can read turkish, english, italian well, but I could decipher fr/es/pt too, if push comes to shove

@cadxdr Ok, I know only German, English and some Russian – no Soviet sources in English...

If STAB is interesting for you, I can try to contact someone – it looks like they don’t have a website any more; Kyrgyzstan mostly has Russian law that outlaws homosexuality, and they probably can’t operate in the open any more. I worked with them in 2015/16 for my architectural guide of Bishkek (published only in German).

@cadxdr There’s a directory of (current) European cohousing communities / communes, also in English:
Some of them might have historical material.

@fiee thank you!

STAB is definitely interesting but I don't wanna to take your or their time for it just yet, I don't have much that is urgent to do with the info, just slowly exploring stuff rn for future projects.

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