First time being a mentor. It's a great experience and my mentee brought me a cup from the program and tea from his home town. ☺️

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them about what already happened to me in the past. They are stunned that stuff like this happens. It was nothing I could not handle, but I should not have to be able to "handle it".

Working in a male dominated environment I want to use this day to thank my team for providing a great environment and becoming more aware regarding sexism and unfair behaviour. But I still am confronted regulary with this and it sucks.

Today is . Since this year it's an holiday in Berlin. That's a nice step, but what we really need isn't a holiday, but equal rights.

Working in aerospace has its perks. Currently I am in a conference in Big Sky, Montana, where skiing is part of the conference schedule. ⛷️👍

And my talk ay about the analysis of our software engineering community at @DLR_en is over. It was a blast. Here some pics.
Data and analysis can be found online:

Listening to a talk about DevOps for a mission where basically a space aircraft rams an asteroid to see if it moves.

OMG, I love my job! 😂

Leaving Spokane and today for a short stay in Seattle and then will head to in Big Sky. See you there! :)

When conference and institute are so big that you meet a colleague by pur coincident on the last night. 😅

Used the lunch break to explore the park next door. Definitely to recommend! (Even when some nice tracks are closed due to a construction site.)

I have to say this is the best poster session I have ever been to. Love the Miniposterium concept (even if I will perhaps never be able to remember the word). So many interesting posters at one place.

If you want to talk to me about sustainable software development, reproducibility, RSE, Open Science, or anything alike, last chance is tomorrow. So let me know and let's meet up!

Looking forward to speak at the second part of the minisymposium MS2 Scientific Software: Practices, Concerns, and Solution Strategies. Today, 2:15 PM - 3:55 PM in the Conference Theater.

After attending the welcome reception quite sleep deprived, now freshly rested at .

Getting up early for a double conference trip to the US. First in Spokane, then in Big Sky.

Today is our yearly face2face meeting of our software engineering network. This time nearly 30 people came together! Room a bit cramped but great discussions about current @DLR_en challenges regarding software development.

Time seldom flies by as fast as when I work in a train. No disturbances, just a little bit of internet, nothing else to do than work in peace. 🚄♥️

On my way home from my trip to our new offices at @DLR_en in Oberpfaffenhofen (near Munich). Now proud owner of a new fancy access card! 😂

@caha42 i thought this was news. Turns out they did this ten years ago... 😅

Don't know when it happened, but Stackoverflow put a license on their users contributions: cc by-sa 3.0
(You can find it the end of every page, desktop version only)
Not the license I hoped for, but at least there is one!


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