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you think you test in prod, but do you test in prod like Boeing used to?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/austinlparker/stat

Today my colleague Kilian and I are at the job fair . Looking for new colleagues with experience!

Today I am at the festival of learning in Heidelberg. So impressed about all the modern and creative concepts: Mobile library labs, makespace busses, escape boxes, ...
I got invited to talk (again) about what we learned from disintegrating tickets regarding software engineering.

After the trouble with my luggage on my way here, the luggage tag number feels like a bad omen... 😅

Old school real life data science at : Waiters are noting the amount of the different dish variations they have to bring to each table on paper. Isn't there a RSE around who can write them an app?? 📝📲🤓

My colleague Stephan Druskat gives his talk "How to make software fit in the research citation graph" at . The full room indicates that many RSEs are interested in the topic. 👍

Back in thre office a gift awaited me! 😍 (T-Shirt which says "we rock software". Sounds better in German. 😂)

Back from six weeks of vacation which I spend with great events and amazing people. Now returning for work... What is it I am doing? 🤔😂

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The geekiest and best video ever made my day 100% better: Whole New Worlds, An Aladdin History of Exoplanets. youtube.com/watch?v=gai8dMA19S

Had a two hour talk/discussion with our legal department dealing with external funding about the importance of software engineering and open source licenses. Eight people, endless questions - it's so motivating if people are really deeply interested and want to learn. 😍

We have a big construction site at one location and somebody decided to make a photoshoot and set up a gallery in the reroute walkway. 😂😍

@caha42 4. If you apply for all positions we offer (which is a wide range) you are out. You can't be skilled or passionate for everything.
5. Have at least anything(!) which relates to the position in your application.
6. Value the time people will put in reading your application. Incomplete or applications full of errors are rude.

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We have quite a lot of open positions and I am happy about every application in general, but there are so many where people do not even look up one thing about the position.
1. It's a government job. The pay is started in the offer. Negotiations are not possible.
2. It's a position in the German Aerospace Center, but if your sole motivation is flight) space you will be disappointed.
3. If you do not have a university degree, we cannot hire you as a researcher.

Just finished my talk at about the guidelines and environment we provide to our software developing scientists to support them develop more sustainable. Got great questions and had much fun!

After a long day with spontaneous switching of transportation now in my hotel in Zurich with free ice cream and mini bar! 😍
Now can come.

This trip does not start well, due to me having no time to buy food. Hopefully the advertised snacks are available or I will have to bid on the food of my fellow travellers.

Missed my train in Munich and no more senseful connections. So, welcome to my first flixbus ride! (If they arrive as promise I will be quicker than with my original train!)

Today I am going to step in for my colleague Lynn who unfortunately got sick. So come along and see me doing PowerPoint karaoke at about 10am in A56. 😁

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