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Missed my train in Munich and no more senseful connections. So, welcome to my first flixbus ride! (If they arrive as promise I will be quicker than with my original train!)

Today I am going to step in for my colleague Lynn who unfortunately got sick. So come along and see me doing PowerPoint karaoke at about 10am in A56. 😁

Spontaneously helping out as the slide clicker at the poster lightning talks. 😁

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@xpac @Cheatha war auch nicht so verstanden, dachte aber etwas Info warum ist vielleicht angebracht. Ich bin in der Orga nicht wirklich beteiligt, aber nah genug dran um einiges mitzubringen.

@Cheatha @caha42 beziehe mich hier nicht nur auf dich, sondern auch mit auf die vielen Antworten.

@Cheatha Die Kosten bei Mietsachen steigen leider immer weiter. Letztes Jahr hat das Camp außerdem ca 20€ pro Person(!) Miese gemacht. Es wird schon versucht den Preis so niedrig wie möglich zu halten, aber die Nerds wollen Jahr auch Platz für Spielzeug und Strom und Internet für alle. Alles Dinge die bei Festivals nicht üblich sind.

@transflux ja, das gab schon viel Verwirrung. M. Meinel ist nicht das Maskottchen. Hat aber auch schon angeboten den Job zu übernehmen. 😄

Our security guard just wished me a nice Sunday via email since he saw me online in our companies messenger. 😄

@caha42 and it got a name. Chosen by the software engineering knowledge experience workshop participants: SE-Bear! (Pronounced Seabear, might work better in German)

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Some more weeks and my colleagues from the Virtual Project House project will move in. Wanna work there too? We have a job opening in this project!

RT @caha42: Full house at opening of ECOMAT. @DLR_en

Two days of giving trainings about sustainable software development in are over. Today I put a suit on and am in at Airbus until the launch of our new location this noon. ✈️

Interested in open source, software engineering, community building or provenance? Then we are looking for you! DM me or have a look at the variety of offers at and become my colleague. ☺️ (Jobs in Cologne, Munich, Brunswick, and Berlin)

Creating slides for a job fair about how it is to work for our institute. Perhaps I should not mention I created the slides the evening before the talk?! 😅 (and that this is like everybody in research does this all the time...)

The workshop "Document all the things! (How again?)" with @stdruskat just started. Let's see what the group comes up with!

Arrived at and some I never drink enough anyway I went with a reusable bottle instead of just a cup. 😁

@caha42 And if you are into linked open data or provenance, hit be up too! For you I have a job too!

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