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Spontaneously helping out as the slide clicker at the poster lightning talks. 😁

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Our security guard just wished me a nice Sunday via email since he saw me online in our companies messenger. 😄

@caha42 and it got a name. Chosen by the software engineering knowledge experience workshop participants: SE-Bear! (Pronounced Seabear, might work better in German)

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Some more weeks and my colleagues from the Virtual Project House project will move in. Wanna work there too? We have a job opening in this project!

RT @caha42: Full house at opening of ECOMAT. @DLR_en

Two days of giving trainings about sustainable software development in are over. Today I put a suit on and am in at Airbus until the launch of our new location this noon. ✈️

Interested in open source, software engineering, community building or provenance? Then we are looking for you! DM me or have a look at the variety of offers at and become my colleague. ☺️ (Jobs in Cologne, Munich, Brunswick, and Berlin)

Creating slides for a job fair about how it is to work for our institute. Perhaps I should not mention I created the slides the evening before the talk?! 😅 (and that this is like everybody in research does this all the time...)

The workshop "Document all the things! (How again?)" with @stdruskat just started. Let's see what the group comes up with!

Arrived at and some I never drink enough anyway I went with a reusable bottle instead of just a cup. 😁

@caha42 And if you are into linked open data or provenance, hit be up too! For you I have a job too!

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I spent the last two days writing job offers. They are not online try, but if you are interested in software engineering, community building, or open/inner source (or a mix) in the research context, I got a job for you! Just contact me! Location in Cologne, Brunswick, or Munich.

First time being a mentor. It's a great experience and my mentee brought me a cup from the program and tea from his home town. ☺️

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them about what already happened to me in the past. They are stunned that stuff like this happens. It was nothing I could not handle, but I should not have to be able to "handle it".

Working in a male dominated environment I want to use this day to thank my team for providing a great environment and becoming more aware regarding sexism and unfair behaviour. But I still am confronted regulary with this and it sucks.

Today is . Since this year it's an holiday in Berlin. That's a nice step, but what we really need isn't a holiday, but equal rights.

Working in aerospace has its perks. Currently I am in a conference in Big Sky, Montana, where skiing is part of the conference schedule. ⛷️👍

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