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Tonight's show - may start a bit late, may start right on time - either way I will be playing. 22:00 UTC
here's how to tune in: point your media player to
#SDF #aNONradio #art #C64

The Kübler-Ross model is amazing because it may be applied to anything. For example, I won't waste your time but it may be applied to UX in open source.

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People love glorifying Rome. This one big European empire. The same people ignore or whitewash all the other civilisations across Africa and Asia, many of whom were no less impressive and even traded with the Romans.

People even ignore the Eastern Roman Empire. We call it the "Byzantine Empire" but they still considered themselves Romans. The Western Roman Empire fell, but the Eastern Roman Empire technically lasted until 1453. But, you know, that was in Asia and not Europe, so...

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Factors contributing to the fall of the Roman Empire:

• Internal conflicts in government and society
• Political corruption
• Weak leadership
• Slowed technological advancement
• Excessive military spending without developing societal infrastructure
• Pronounced wealth inequality

politics, MBTI 

To bring context for visually impaired readers, I'm commenting screenshot questions in the MBTI test. The answers are a 7-degree scale between "agree" and "disagree" (with one neutral "middle" button).

1. You're testing how bourgeois my habitus is

2. With praxis that's the same thing, stupid

3. With materialism that's the same thing stupid

4. Yeah I did, found it (shared happiness), and turned to communism (Marx died 36 years before the October revolution :NoAt:)

looking for an NCIS episode, military, war 

To show the reality of ethnologists turning themselves into self-proclaimed advocates for marginalized populations, I'm looking for the NCIS episode where a military has a PTSD because she was driving a jeep on a road, in the middle of which was standing a child. [ The army knew the enemies used children as a tactic, to stop vehicles and attack them, so the instructions were to splatter the children. ]

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the current votes I have so far between here and instagram are as follows. help me make a decision by adding your votes! its a domain for a weird art project
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negativity, sociology, Gérald Bronner 

French sociologists don't say "are you blaming victims of cultural abuse by the culture-allocating social structures that the State has shaped?" but "is this a Gérald Bronner reference?"

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Hoy en el IG de hablaremos sobre cómo funcionan los patrones oscuros y el scroll infinito en internet, que no nos deja desconectamos ni en tiempos de COVID19. #SaludMental #datadetox #hiperconexiones


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nobody gets to be outside of the influence and context of colonial, white-supremacist manhood and womanhood, BOTH categories, regardless of who they are; this is what we mean when we call the oppressor's heterosexuality and gender binary 'totalizing,' it sweeps everything into its domain.

yet there are extra-binary genders, imposed top-down by the very same imperial powers, that are ALSO inescapable for everyone under its scope. when colonizers organize violence against indigenous people, operating in their own gender systems outside of imperialism, on the grounds that they are "sodomites" or "androgynes," we see that no man and no woman escapes the shadow of those genders that heterosexuality names, and organizes, as Others outside of the Real Authentic Humanizing Genders.

the eunuch, the spinster, the catamite, the desexed masculine virgin, all these gender categories that white colonialism perpetuates even as it forbids and reviles them; no one is 'safe' from these embodiments.

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S’aliéner les membres, mauvais choix : la force du site ne tient qu’à la communauté des gens qui le font vivre, qui voyagent ou qui hébergent.

Heureusement beaucoup de gens ont depuis plusieurs années migré sur #BeWelcome, un site libre qui renoue avec l’esprit des débuts. La mort de Couchsurfing, c’est l’occasion enfin de poursuivre ailleurs.

On se retrouve là-bas ? 🙂

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Boosts welcome!

While the murderer of Eric Garner walks free, Ramsey Orta sits in a state prison in upstate New York.

Ramsey has literally lost years of his life for doing the right thing. Without Ramsey, many of you would have never heard about Eric Garner. Ramsey is a passionate young man determined to do right in this world. He deserves so much, yet he has lost everything.

WeCopwatch created this fund, it’s Ramsey approved and 100% of the proceeds go to Ramsey.

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Sure facts are cool, but how about respecting each other's feelings (which are akin to boundaries) while making it clear that they don't need to develop?

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