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Hello! I'm Claus, from , Japan.

Some things I like: Evolutionary Computation, Simulation, Games (board, TRPG, digital), teaching programming, , bots and Geocaching!

Some cool projects I'm part of:

- Bestiary of Evolutionary Computation:
- AI Werewolf Competition:
- Alife Newsletter:

Also I super want to connect to people from the global south around here!

Morning Walk Pictures 

There were some lovely wild flowers just in front of my building this morning. Summer is in full swing now.

In case it's of interest: I'm a metalsmith and have a little Etsy shop where you can see my amulets and resin art (no resin up at the moment). I'm having a sale right now, 20% off all amulets, comes with chain. If you're within the continental US or Canada, tracked shipping is included! ;)

Covid related stress/fears, mh- 

Also, I really don't feel comfortable spending 12 hours in an airplane... This is so weird. This opportunity would have been like a dream to me 3 years ago.

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Covid related stress/fears, mh- 

I've just been invited to an invite-only workshop organized by some heavy weights in my field.

The problem is that it will be taking place in Germany. Pics from my EU colleagues on social media make it seems that no one over there cares about covid (no masks), and the rules for the workshop also don't make me feel super safe (eg: recent positive test can replace vaccination certificate).

I'm really torn about this one. Don't feel safe, but the FOMO is real too...

Dream (Nightmare?) about Academia 

Last night I had a really weird dream:

A student listed me and one of my collaborators as co-authors of her thesis, even though we had nothing to do with the work. I was having a very serious talk to the student and her advisor to convince them that it was inappropriate to get us off the author list, and my collaborator was really mad about the whole thing.
There was a side-part about Youtube too.

It was one of those "wake up but still feel real" dreams, too.

Good morning everyone!

Except... I should not have eaten that curry-pan 🍛 before coming to uni. Specially when it is raining outside and I couldn't walk it off 😞 I'm feeling sluggish now.

I need to work on my morning habits... 😴

Hi! I'm a scientist working with large maps of galaxies (real and simulated).

I'm interested in science and how to make it more inclusive and open, and in diversity in a broader sense. #science #diversityandinclusion

Also: I'm a Mexican living in Poland, so, you can expect a few pictures of nature, lakes, forests, etc.

Hey people, I'm thinking of making an alt to talk about day-to-day stuff (gaming, pico8 programming, pictures of walks, more gaming, weird thoughts, japan shitposting, the occasional mental health rant).

How do you go around choosing an instance for an alt? I have checked the "more" page of a dozen or so cool looking instances, but it seems that for a personal alt the community is the most important part, and I have no idea how to look for that, so I'm still confused.

Any advice appreciated!

"Asymptotic burnout and homeostatic awakening: a possible solution to the Fermi paradox?"

This paper proposes a new evolution path for possible societies across the universe, that could answer the Fermi Paradox and the idea of "Great Filters"

In short, the questions raised by the Fermi Paradox, the Kardashev scale, etc, adheres to assumptions based on our capitalist societies ("growth or else!") that "might" not be universal 😏

Grading Rant 

I mean, if you really are going to cheat, you might as well be low key about it and only copy enough questions to get by with a B, instead of going all the way to an A+. That shit stands out.

Sorry for the huge thread, I'm just so mad about it.

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Grading Rant (Foul Language) 

One student actually replied to my initial query e-mail with "yeah, I only checked my answers to the exercises with online answers because I did not wanted to waste your time with questions".

😡 😡 😡 You stupid little fucker, do you know how much MORE time I have to spend making sure your solution was actually plagiarized, instead of just answering to you the same q other students ask me all the time?

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Grading Rant 

Found out that a small number of students has been submitting plagiarized programs (copying solutions from the internet) to my intermediate programming lecture.

Now if have to sit down with these students, try to make them understand what they did wrong, and figure out appropriate course of actions. That is super annoying and not something I wanted to waste the little time I have on

At least the one student who copied programs with variable names in Slovenian was kinda amusing

how would I go about finding publications that have cited a given set of publications?

i.e., I have a few publications and I wonder if there's a nice way to figure out which publications out there have cited _all_ of them.


@socrates You mentioned that you have closed new logins to to avoid overwhelming the server -- does it help if we use the setting to automatically delete old messages after x days?

(Also, how does that setting work with pinned messages?)

Scholarship Announcement 

My department has announced this year's call for the "Human Centered AI" program, which fully funds a small number of Master/PhD students through the MEXT scholarship.

If you're interested in Evolutionary Computation / Simulation / Artificial Life, and fancy doing research in Japan, send me a DM!

Requirements: Does not possess Japanese citizenship; graduated by March, 2023; Likes programming; Reads my work webpage to figure out my research interests before DMing,

Work Plan for the day 

Fridays are meeting days: Morning are 1-1 meetings with the students I'm advising, afternoon is office hours for my remote lectures, and evening is my collaborative research meetings 😩

Here is what I want to try and accomplish among the breaks:
- Read the reviews on a student paper and send my comments to the student.
- Prepare a poster announcing a new PhD scholarship
- Get started on that poster

After work is done: work on "three weeks in fediverse" blogpost

Morning Read 

I just read this interesting article by
@doctorow, where he discusses some cool decentralization ideas that cryptocurrencies promised by never really delivered, and how more community focused technologies and projects go around to those.

Work Plans for the Day (Result) 

- Grades: Decided to skip the video, and write a beefy blogpost instead + Office Hours tomorrow. Took way more time than expected.
- FYS: Got a bit (a lot) stressed at the invited teacher. Didn't get photo 😞
- Keys/Schedule: Done

- student asked help with paper review;
- had to deal with surprise budget paperwork 💔
- several e-mails regarding lectures 💔

Not Done:
- Invitation: Not done, pushed to tomorrow
- Poster: NDPT
- Watch talks: Hahaha...

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Work Plans for the Day: 

- Oh yeah, forgot: Waste 1 hour in a project meeting that I hate.

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Work Plans for the Day: 

- Publish grades, feedback, and video for the 1st report of "Experiment Design" course.

- Attend "First Year Seminar" class, try to put names-to-faces of the students, pick up class picture and put it in a nice place in my office.

- Find the keys of the old lab, and schedule a day to move stuff.

- Prepare invitation/announcement for this year's PhD scholarship.

- Write 2 page poster on campus simulation

- Watch some talks

Save more energy than yesterday

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