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Hello! I'm Claus, from , Japan.

Some things I like: Evolutionary Computation, Simulation, Games (board, TRPG, digital), teaching programming, , bots and Geocaching!

Some cool projects I'm part of:

- Bestiary of Evolutionary Computation:
- AI Werewolf Competition:
- Alife Newsletter:

Also I super want to connect to people from the global south around here!

This weekend I saw a quote from Hayao Miyazaki on a cemetery wall that has been churning around in my head:


Four days for my Alife/EvoComp/Mas intensive course. About 60% done with the materials. Feeling like those trains laying track just in front of themselves. 🚅

Almost wishing for the Typhoon to wash it all away. Wonder how it will look like when this is all over (it will be the beginning of next semester, even!) 😮

So next week, for the first time in TWO years I'm setting foot out of my "home-work-home" bubble to teach an intensive course in Hiroshima University.

Guess what? There is a Typhoon heading to Hiroshima next week 🙃

Showed the model I prepared this weekend to the chemist that suggested the project, and they thought it was the hottest thing since sliced bread, even though I thought it was quite simple, so I'm sharing it here with you all too.

Really, it was impressive how excited they were about this predator-prey model. It rubbed off on me too, which is a nice thing.

Edit: Wait, no, Mastodon is complaining that my GIF is too large, sorry about that. Will edit later :ohno:

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Lol, there is a "self" keyword and a "myself" keyword.

Clear as mud. 😏

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The tool is a little clunky, but the project I am aiming to use it for is so cool, that I think I can make the sacrifice! 💪

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Learning how to use GAMA, a tool for modeling simulation.

GAMA is coded in Java, but they implement their own scripting language to make it "easier for non coders to use".

So functions are now "actions", and the way you call them is *completely* different depending on whether they don't return anything:

`do action_name arg1: v1 arg2: v2;`

Or if they return something:

`my_var <- self action_name (arg1:v1, arg2:v2);`

Right, because inconsistent syntax is "easier to understant" 🤦‍♂️

:boost_requested: does anyone on twitter enough to know that person who made a list of (cs?) academics whore looking for phd students? i think i saw this a while back but do not remember who it was at all

Gosh... I forgot how expensive conferences were... I will have to be much more selective about submitting student papers to them in the future 😞

Today I was checking an apartment building under construction. The location and price were very good, the room itself kinda iffy.

Then the agent explained the "lottery system": If I decided that I wanted to buy the apartment, I would have to enter a lottery with all people who wanted to buy the same room. No "second preference" choice possible. People who didn't get selected in the lottery would have to wait three months to apply again. To a second lottery!

What a stupid waste of time!

Announcement: We have released the 7th edition of the Artificial Life newsletter!

The newsletter collects cool projects and links related to Artificial Life and nearby scientific fields. If you are interested in people working on new ways to imagine life, I think you will enjoy this.

We are also always looking for new contributions! Even if you are not an Alife researcher, if you have anything to say on the topic, do contact us!

Hello people,

We have launched a MatterMost server for the project. If you want to join us and talk about programming bots that play Werewolf/Mafia, join us in the link below:


Also this afternoon a student who took my Experiment Design online in the first term, and now has finally been able to arrive in Japan, has invited me to join him for coffee to thank me about the nice course.

Which is really sweet of him, but also makes the hermit part of me feel super weird.

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Morning coffee musings:

How do YOU call (even if just inside your mind) the people in your "circle" here on fedi? Your followers? Your group? Your contacts? Your gang? Your weirdos?

Some other strange and wonderful name? Let me know!

Good morning people! I got about 20% of the huge course of Doom done, and I got about 20 days to finish it.

Also in today's menu I got to buy computers for the next term students, and write some pointless bureaucratic documents.

See you on the other side!

Doing some prep work for an intensive lecture next week. Hope this slide gives me the motivation to write the rest of this monstrosity.

Question: do you use 05, or 12, or 15 to refer to 20XX years, like we used 98, 88 to refer to 19XX years? Yes? No? Something else?

Mood: Actually happy when I see my school inbox full of spam, because it means I don't have new shit to deal with 😫

I'm doing apartment hunting, and this is the name of the place I've been to today. Enjoy.

Working on Holidays (positive? negative? who knows?) 

This week is Obon in Japan, but I'm finding myself super productive this morning. I just updated two pieces in the Alife newsletter, and also wrote a good chunk of my September lecture's materials. It is weird that in my mind these activities are classified as work, but they don't really "count" to my actual job desc, even though they certainly influence it.

How much work and life bleed into each other in Academia is not fun at all.

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