Work Plans for the Day: 

- Publish grades, feedback, and video for the 1st report of "Experiment Design" course.

- Attend "First Year Seminar" class, try to put names-to-faces of the students, pick up class picture and put it in a nice place in my office.

- Find the keys of the old lab, and schedule a day to move stuff.

- Prepare invitation/announcement for this year's PhD scholarship.

- Write 2 page poster on campus simulation

- Watch some talks

Save more energy than yesterday


Work Plans for the Day: 

- Oh yeah, forgot: Waste 1 hour in a project meeting that I hate.

Work Plans for the Day (Result) 

- Grades: Decided to skip the video, and write a beefy blogpost instead + Office Hours tomorrow. Took way more time than expected.
- FYS: Got a bit (a lot) stressed at the invited teacher. Didn't get photo 😞
- Keys/Schedule: Done

- student asked help with paper review;
- had to deal with surprise budget paperwork 💔
- several e-mails regarding lectures 💔

Not Done:
- Invitation: Not done, pushed to tomorrow
- Poster: NDPT
- Watch talks: Hahaha...

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