So I’m a terrible person and have never, until tonight, seen a Studio Ghibli film, but we just watched Spirited Away and holy crap was it good

I want to watch more but don’t know which to watch next. I know Totoro and Princess Mononoke but I only know they exist, I dunno anything but that.

Help! 😅

@twisterghost Oh, my, I could talk about this for hours.

My personal favorites are Kiki's delivery service and Whispers from the heart.

Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind is also very very good.

But honestly all of them (except the earthsea adaptation) are great.

Maybe you can say what you liked most of Spirited Away and I can fine tune my recommendation based on that? Ghibli has a large range of movie types.

Did you like the animation and visuals? Howls moving castle has a similar style.

Did you like the monsters, the fantasy and the world? Mononoke has more of that.

Did you like that the story was not so simple and even bad characters have some good in them? Nausicaa, Porco Rosso

Did you like that in the middle of magic, it was really the story of a girl growing up? Kiki's Delivery Service

Do you want similar themes and beauty, but without all the magic? Whisper from the heart.


@twisterghost I'm really curious about your impressions on this and other movies, as you see them. Ghibli movies are super fun to talk about.

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