Work Plan for the day 

Fridays are meeting days: Morning are 1-1 meetings with the students I'm advising, afternoon is office hours for my remote lectures, and evening is my collaborative research meetings 😩

Here is what I want to try and accomplish among the breaks:
- Read the reviews on a student paper and send my comments to the student.
- Prepare a poster announcing a new PhD scholarship
- Get started on that poster

After work is done: work on "three weeks in fediverse" blogpost

Work Plan for the day 

@caranha I have fond memories of ALife IX in Boston, MA. I didn't happen to meet you then?

Work Plan for the day 

@wait_sasha I joined the alife community very recently (even though I have been interested in it for a long time), so probably not. 🤔 My first ALIFE conference was Tokyo 2018 :leafeon:

Work Plan for the day 

@caranha I'm new to ALife also! I left the field almost as soon as I started. 💔❤️🤣

Now that my career is so much further along I keep hoping there will be an opportunity to revisit the Quantum Coreworld.

Work Plan for the day 

@wait_sasha I think the idea of Core Wars + Quantum Computing is pretty wild (Well, I love any CoreWars + X project), and maybe the one proper way to "do it right" in the beginning. It is amazing that you were working on it back in 2005.

I am not sure how the landscape on QC is right now. I hear that some companies have early prototypes, but almost paper I get my hands on is full of quackery (not really quantum, or even a proper simulation, just using the word for hype)

Work Plan for the day 

@caranha there is a special class of Quantum States (Stabilizer States) that only require n^2 classical resources to simulate n qubits. ❤️

So my idea was to construct or evolve Quantum Coreworld (QCW) programs that exploited stabilizer states for undisputable advantage.

QCW was also a generalization of Corewar in a 3D space and these programs had "energy" that could be consumed to help them compute more operations per cycle.

Ended up as an appendix to my dissertation.

Work Plan for the day 

@caranha as for QC the VCs have decided it could be interesting (true) and it's an immensely complex field. 💔

So hype it is.

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