Grading Rant 

Found out that a small number of students has been submitting plagiarized programs (copying solutions from the internet) to my intermediate programming lecture.

Now if have to sit down with these students, try to make them understand what they did wrong, and figure out appropriate course of actions. That is super annoying and not something I wanted to waste the little time I have on

At least the one student who copied programs with variable names in Slovenian was kinda amusing

Grading Rant (Foul Language) 

One student actually replied to my initial query e-mail with "yeah, I only checked my answers to the exercises with online answers because I did not wanted to waste your time with questions".

😡 😡 😡 You stupid little fucker, do you know how much MORE time I have to spend making sure your solution was actually plagiarized, instead of just answering to you the same q other students ask me all the time?


Grading Rant 

I mean, if you really are going to cheat, you might as well be low key about it and only copy enough questions to get by with a B, instead of going all the way to an A+. That shit stands out.

Sorry for the huge thread, I'm just so mad about it.

Grading Rant 

@caranha I don't grade programming exercises, but I do grade a truckload of essays, and plagiarized passages are a straight fail in the course. I tell them in the syllabus, remind them the first day of class, and then follow through with a very clear conscience.

Grading Rant 

@manolomartinez Oh, I did tell them, and I'm definitely failing them on the course. It is just that it is annoying, specially when I have to figure out where they plagiarized it from which takes me a little bit of time.

Grading Rant 

@caranha yeah, it's probably harder for code

Grading Rant 


One thing that trips me up a little bit when it comes to code plagiarizing is that in general I'm a huge proponent of open source. I open source all of our laboratory's code, and I think it is very good when people can collaborate in that way.

However, when you are still learning how to program, copying code from others can be detrimental as you don't develop the necessary logical skills.

It is a nuance that I have difficulty transmitting to students sometimes.

Grading Rant 

@caranha even more so when everyone is checking stackoverflow all the time when coding

Grading Rant 

@caranha it is infuriating, and extremely demoralising when working in an environment where you're not allowed to actually implement the prescribed remedies for plagiarism. There is some schadenfreude (what, I'm human) in seeing the blood drain from their faces when they realise they've been caught, though. (Before they catch on that the only consequence is having to rewrite that specific paper. Then it devolves into a spiral of 'catch me if you can.')

Grading Rant 

@absolutwillie Right, I totally understand that. Yet, a relatively large part of me kinda wants to connect to the student. To figure out if they're doing okay, and how to get them to care for the course.

This particular course is hard! I can totally see how the student would just give up and look up the answers, specially when they are easy to find, and there is no clear immediate benefit from solving arcane exercises.

Oh well...

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