Question for researchers: I'm trying to use fewer G👀gle services. How could I change my search habits to replace G👀gle Sch :googlyeye: lar?


@SylviaFysica Regarding replacing Google scholar in particular, I think it is worth it going to the conferences and journals in your field, and checking the latest papers directly. If they're paywalled, you can try to contact the authors or go the :scihub: route. Then check the references in those papers for more ideas of things to read. If you're lucky, you may even begin to build community by doing it like this.

@caranha Thank you, these are all very sensible suggestions. 🙂
My usecase today is more for exploratory research; I have an inkling of an idea, but what has already been said about X in field Y?
(As a philosopher of physics, I roam underpopulated research areas, in the trenches between fields.)


I see! Do you know this tool?

It shows a graph of paper connections, so it can help automate part of the work I described before. You still need a starting point, though.

@caranha Thank you for reminding me of this! I've used it once or twice for a review. That's a tool I could definitely use more often!

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