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"We have every piece of human knowledge at our fingertips!"

Except we don't and a bunch of it is hidden behind paywalls.

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Hello! I'm an undergraduate in computer science and media studies at University ('19). My goal is to help make meaningful information useful and accessible through new media studies, social computing, and computational social science.

Long-term I am working toward pursuing a PhD related to Information Science and/or Computer-Human Interaction. Still figuring out how to navigate this whole process, but I'm learning a lot along the way!

@carlcolglazier You should also _definitely avoid_ add-ons that make use of SciHub. Wouldn't want you to find (un)helpful add-ons like and by accident

@carlcolglazier As for add-ons:
* DOI Manager
* Storage Scanner
* Libre/Microsoft Office Integrations
* ZotFile

See for more

@carlcolglazier Similarly to what @bgcarlisle said, it was very useful for organizing documents when I first started doing a literature review and selecting a thesis topic.

I also use the RSS feeds feature to see when new articles are published by journals (avoid email spam from them).

I use the 1, 2, 3 hotkeys for "high", "med", and "low" priority papers to streamline my reading.

I also have a "reading list" collection, with subcollections for each week to organize what papers to read

@carlcolglazier its a lifesaver, i use it to sync annotated pdfs btwn my devices :zotero: ❤️

Do any of my mutuals use ? I have it downloaded for a class and would love to hear examples of putting it to good use!

Do any of my mutuals use ? I have it downloaded for a class and would love to hear examples of putting it to good use!

Reflection (+) 

People who do a lot of reading for a living (grad students, authors, professors, etc.): how do you keep up with all of it?

Wrapped up a busy semester by posting a video about an independent project. Feedback appreciated! :rstats:

eccentric rich billionaires: always have a butler on hand for butler stuff or whatever.

me if i had money: always have a spare therapist nearby in case of crippling anxiety.

What are some best practices when it comes to publicizing works-in-progress? I have a couple of early drafts I'd like to make public, but I'm not sure what the norms are here.

Hire me! I'm seeking an internship in the Greater Seattle Area for summer 2019. 😌

Using Computer Modern on my résumé to signal how I'm a huge Donald Knuth fangirl.

Are there any times when violin plots aren't superior to box plots?

Linus Torvalds introspection(!) + 

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