Do any of my mutuals use ? I have it downloaded for a class and would love to hear examples of putting it to good use!

@carlcolglazier I love Zotero :zotero:

It's great for screening large sets of published documents for systematic reviews

You can get it to show you all the metadata while you read through titles and abstracts, and you can even set it up so that the 1 and 2 keys mark them for inclusion and inclusion

It's great :)

@bgcarlisle I'm not quite sure I understood the workflow here. Have you written about it somewhere? I would love to hear more.

@jaranta When you do a systematic review, one of the steps is screening articles for inclusion

You can use Zotero to streamline this process by importing your search result into your library and from there you can read title and abstract level data and mark them for inclusion or exclusion

@jaranta Zotero even has a built-in method for tagging items using keyboard shortcuts that I have found useful for this

You can set the 1 on the keyboard to mean "include" and 2 to be "exclude" for example

@bgcarlisle This was the part I was confused about, but now I get it. This is super useful, thanks!

@carlcolglazier Similarly to what @bgcarlisle said, it was very useful for organizing documents when I first started doing a literature review and selecting a thesis topic.

I also use the RSS feeds feature to see when new articles are published by journals (avoid email spam from them).

I use the 1, 2, 3 hotkeys for "high", "med", and "low" priority papers to streamline my reading.

I also have a "reading list" collection, with subcollections for each week to organize what papers to read

@carlcolglazier As for add-ons:
* DOI Manager
* Storage Scanner
* Libre/Microsoft Office Integrations
* ZotFile

See for more

@carlcolglazier You should also _definitely avoid_ add-ons that make use of SciHub. Wouldn't want you to find (un)helpful add-ons like and by accident

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