Hey #askfediverse people who use #emacs for academic writing: What are your favourite packages, snippets, transients, hydras and the like? Anything that makes your work with #LaTeX, #BibTeX, #R, #KnitR, and the like easier or more effective? I'd love to hear them.

Boosts appreciated.

And maybe @bgcarlisle knows someone who knows someone...?

#askfedi #academia


@hirnbloggade @bgcarlisle I get a lot of mileage out of org-mode especially now that there is a built-in citation syntax. My very messy config is public here: github.com/carlcolglazier/.ema

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@carlcolglazier Thanks. Super helpful. I didn't know Citar. Looks interesting and plays nicely with embark, consult, orderless etc. @bgcarlisle

@hirnbloggade Just got set up on CItar the last month. Trying to move my entire workflow to using org-cite.

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